The inimitable Dave Chappelle is still working the media circuit to promote his new Netflix stand-up specials, and his latest stop was Jimmy Kimmel Live!, where he sat down with Jimmy Kimmel and also talked through his stand up bits for the crowd. More Dave is always a good thing.

The most interesting segment (aside from his actual comedy) is after he recounts performing on stage with LeBron James. Kimmel uses this to segue into asking Dave Chappelle about Kyrie Irving’s recently reveal flat earth beliefs. The comedian’s response is irreverent, saying he “wouldn’t even know how to broach that topic.” Being the sharp dude that he is, he quickly gets to the weakest part of the flat earth conspiracy – “what difference does it make?” Watch it below.

Later the comedian gives background on a few jokes from his specials, including his no phone policy, his OJ Simpson bit and his kids.