Allen Hughes Says 2Pac Would Have Rivaled Denzel

Imagine the possibilties.

BYBen Mock
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If there's anyone who knows the man behind the myth of Tupac Shakur, it's filmmaker Allen Hughes. Hughes, who is behind works such as Menace II Society and The Book OF Eli, is also the creative force behind Dear Mama, an FX documentary series about Tupac's life. The series focuses on both Tupac and his mother, legendary Black Panther Afeni. It's premiere set a record for an unscripted show on FX.

Hughes has shared some of that insight in a new interview on The Rich Eisen Show. Specifically, Hughes compared 2Pac's potential to that of all-time great, Denzel Washington. 2Pac appeared in six non-cameo film and television roles before his death. These included films such as Juice, Above The Rim, and Gridlock'd.

Tupac Would Have Given Denzel "A Run For His Money"

“If he had been here, I think Denzel would have some stiff competition,” Hughes said. “He was that talented. Denzel and 2Pac share one thing in common, and I’ve seen them all. I’ve been with world-class pimps, charismatics all over the world, storytellers. The ‘it’ thing — you know, in streets or in the movie business — Denzel and 2Pac possessed. When they walk in a room, the emotional intelligence was off the charts, the social intelligence was off the charts. Genius level of social intelligence.” Hughes never directed Shakur but was heavily involved in the West Coast scene.

Hughes also spoke about 2Pac likely putting music on the backburner, something the musician himself had alluded to before his death. “The difference is, Denzel is very wise and can control his emotions and 2Pac [couldn’t]. But 2Pac would’ve been one our greatest leading men, would’ve been a multiple Academy Award winner. And the music would’ve been secondary. I’m sure he would’ve still continued doing music, but he would be huge in the film world.” A thought-forgotten 1996 interview with 2Pac revealed that he wanted to move away from music and focus on film. But what do you think - would 2Pac have rivaled Denzel? Let us know in the comments below.


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