Jonathan Majors Appears In Court, Charges Remain

The plot thickens.

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Jonathan Majors Appears In Court, Charges Remain

Jonathan Majors has found himself in boiling hot water these past few months. Since his arrest back in March, following the release of Creed III Majors floored fans when news surfaced. Following his arrest, the Manhattan D.A. hit The Last Black Man In San Francisco star with assault and sexual harassment charges. A woman has claimed Jonathan Majors struck "her about the face with an open hand, causing substantial pain and a laceration behind her ear." Not only that, the accuser alleged he grabbed her neck causing bruising and considerable pain.

Consequently, this has led to an ongoing assault case for Jonathan Majors that have rang bells throughout Hollywood and fans everywhere. The domestic assault charges against Majors include multiple accounts of assault in the third degree. Moreover, the charges include: attempted assault in the third degree, aggravated harassment in the second degree, and harassment in the second degree. Since his arrest, the Creed III actor's legal team has stated their client is completely innocent. After the news broke, his rep said, "He has done nothing wrong. We look forward to clearing his name and clearing this up."

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Jonathan Majors Appears In Court

Actor Jonathan Majors attends day six of The 25th SCAD Savannah Film Festival on October 27, 2022 in Savannah, Georgia. (Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images)

In other news, there are updates to the actor's domestic dispute. Majors had his day in court, however, it wasn't as momentous as his team would've hoped. The charges he's facing will remain, something his legal team is not very happy about. Moreover, the Love Craft Country star had his first appearance on Tuesday in what would be the first chance to fight the damning charges against him. Unfortunately, in the end, nothing came of it. According to TMZ the charges are still intact and unchanged from when the news first emerged.

Reportedly, there will be a future hearing to discuss the motion filed by the actor's defense team. However, it's still uncertain as to what the motion is specifically. Nonetheless, Majors is due to appear back in court in June. His defense attorney told the tabloid they presented indisputable evidence that supposedly fully exonerates their client. They also claimed that the D.A. turned a blind eye to it. Majors legal team says it's an example of explicit and implicit bias that still exists in the judicial system. What are your thoughts on the case? Does Jonathan Majors still have a future in Hollywood? Let us know below!

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