Reginae Carter’s Home Nearly Burglarized

Reginae Carter revealed her scary experience.

BYMadison Murray
Reginae Carter’s Home Nearly Burglarized

Reginae Carter's high-profile life has been a part of her career since she was just a young child. However, she has not been the face of flashing her things as most social media figures do. Being that she is the daughter of rap legend Lil Wayne and entrepreneur Toya-Johnson Rushing, she frequently shows love to her parents. Her unproblematic approach is constantly praised by her fans as he does have a heavy social media presence. Unfortunately, Reginae revealed someone tried to break into her home.

On Tuesday, Reginae Carter took to Twitter to express her feelings about almost being a victim of burglary. "Two guys tried to break in my home last night .. So Glad I wasn’t there people are sick!," she said. She also revealed her plans for how she will soon live more discreetly. "This is my sign to get Tf out of here .. and to be more private and more to myself about everything," she said with a red double exclamation emoji.

Reginae Tweets Her Frustrations

Moreover, Reginae has begun to document her life adding youtube to her list of ventures. Her channel content consists of vlogs showing some elements of her life. Each vlog has surpassed over 100k views as her fans tune in to see what she will vlog next. Last year, her relationship with Youtube sensation, Armon Warren went public. He is a frequent face on her youtube as she documents their love. Additionally, he bought her a promise ring which symbolizes a promise to love prior to a more serious engagement. The couple typically appears on each other social media and has been looked at as couple goals due to their light-hearted content. Subsequently, their public display of love has been trolled. In April, Reginae got into a short feud with DJ Akademiks over his comments about her father and her relationship. He has since apologized for his insensitive remarks.

Furthermore, the situation behind Reginae's home reaching near-burglary has become a "sign" for the popular socialite. As a prevalent face for Gen Z, her supporters can await to see the changes in her approach as a public figure as she wants to become more private.

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