Best "The Breakfast Club" Interviews: Ray J, Soulja Boy & More

The Breakfast Club is in the Radio Hall of Fame for a reason. Dj Envy, Angela Yee, and Charlamagne Tha God proved time and time again to be the voice of the culture.

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For the past decade, The Breakfast Club has been the voice of the culture. Radio has not been the same since the show started. DJ Envy, Angela Yee, and Charlamagne tha God have been some of the most powerful voices in media. The nationally syndicated show has placed the three personalities in the Radio Hall of Fame. The morning show started in 2011 and reached new heights that year after the infamous Ray J phone call. This was the first of many memorable moments on The Breakfast Club. Some of the best moments in Hip Hop have occurred on the platform. Remember when Charlamagne made Lil Mama cry? Or how about when Fredro Starr and Charlamagne got into it?

Legendary producers, rappers, singers, and songwriters have been interviewed on the morning show. Also, not just in music but various celebrities have sat between the three hosts. Athletes, actors, comedians, and politicians are just some of the different people who have appeared. The hosts even got to interview the 44th President, Barack Obama! Throughout the years, The Breakfast Club has become the go-to place for information. Undoubtedly, the trio is a part of Hip Hop history. Let’s look at some of The Breakfast Club’s best interviews.

7. Mo’Nique (2017)

Let’s just say Mo’Nique had time that day for Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club radio show. It was mainly Lenard, aka Charlamagne Tha God, that she had smoke for. After asking people to boycott Netflix, Charlamagne gave the Oscar-winning actress ‘Donkey of the Day.' She came to the show that morning to specifically figure out why she was placed in that category. 

The host believed she did not deserve the same amount for a Netflix special as Chris Rock, Dave Chappelle, and Amy Schumer. Though, Mo’Nique believed Netflix was practicing gender and racial discrimination against her. Mo’Nique also had her husband/manager, Sidney Hicks, on the phone line to chime in. They both handled this interview professionally and respectfully. They also came with receipts.

This is a story of inequality, according to The Parkers actress. But, Charlamagne and DJ Envy felt she hadn’t done anything lately compared to her counterparts. After a lengthy discussion, the interview ends with Mo’Nique telling the nation that Charlamagne Tha God devalues Black women.

6. Ray J (2011)

In 2011, Ray J called up The Breakfast Club radio show to get some things off his chest. He wanted to change the narrative that he was punched in the face. Instead, he claims he was the one who punched Fabolous. On the phone, filled with rage, Ray J says he was still waiting for Fab with The Money Team and 100 people outside the nightclub.

Ray J didn’t take too kindly to the rapper’s tweets regarding him playing piano and singing for Floyd Mayweather. The “One Wish” singer claims he saved Fab’s life once in Los Angeles and let him use his Lamborghini for a music video. Ray J goes on an epic rant boasting about what he has while calling the New York emcee broke. To this day, Charlamagne remains that this moment is why The Breakfast Club is still going. 

5. Kanye (2013)

Charlamagne starts the interview by introducing Kanye as “Kanye Kardashian.” The College Dropout rapper has repeatedly been on “Donkey of the Day.” In this interview, he compares himself to Walt Disney and Steve Jobs. Charlamagne lets Kanye know that he thought Yeezus was “wack.” Kanye did not let that get to him as he directed his attention to what DJ Envy was saying.

The G.O.O.D. Music founder lets it be known that he knows the listeners want to hear him and Charlamagne go at it. Two parts of this interview are used as a drop before the host presents his daily segment, “Donkey of the Day.” West had issues when trying to do business with Nike and Louis Vuitton during this time. He believes he is this generation’s Michaelangelo and Steve Jobs.

Money is a big topic in this conversation, as Kanye believes money equates to freedom while Charlamagne doesn’t. Kanye believes corporations are promoting modern-day slavery and racism. He clarifies his comments about Barack Obama, the Confederate flag, and the reasons for his past antics. Kanye has been to The Breakfast Club several times, but this is his best interview.

4. Nipsey Hussle (2018)

Nipsey Hussle stopped by The Breakfast Club radio show early in his career. Back then, he was gaining attention from the mixtapes he released. Years later, Hussle returned to the infamous morning show to discuss his debut studio album, Victory Lap. He details his independent journey from the beginning as he first had a deal with Epic Records.

As he says in his music, Nipsey has always been interested in ownership. He tells the hosts it took years for him to get the deal with Atlantic Records. His very strategic manner comes from studying the careers of Jay-Z, Master P, and Juelz Santana. You can tell the Crenshaw rapper knows the ins and outs of this industry as he describes the current business model and ideology of music labels.

It’s no secret that Nipsey also understands the process of creating music. He describes Diddy’s impact on records such as “Mo Money, Mo Problems” and how he influenced his song “Rap N****.” Not only did Diddy help, but Jay-Z also did him a favor. He cleared the Annie sample for “Hussle & Motivate,” another gesture from the billionaire. In 2013, Hov purchased 1,000 copies of Crenshaw, sold for $100. As the hour-long interview goes on, Nipsey clarifies comments of what he said about Cardi B, checking in, his Eritean heritage, and why he stopped smoking weed.

3. Lil Mama (2012)

To Charlamagne’s surprise, Lil Mama actually showed up to The Breakfast Club radio show. The “ruler of rubbing people the wrong way” wasted no time with the New York artist. Charlamagne admitted that he calls her “the voice of the young struggle face.” When Lil Mama first started in Hip Hop, many thought she was older than 16. The “Lip Gloss” rapper states that she is from New York, and that environment forced her to grow up early. Charlamagne continued to have jokes for the guest by letting her know she has the same genes as NBA players LeBron James and Greg Oden. He adds that she might have Benjamins Button disease, a movie in which the main character got younger at a rapid rate. Lil Mama tries to respond to the host by calling him old and ugly.

Lil Mama came to The Breakfast Club radio show to clear up her comments regarding Nicki Minaj taking her style. Charlamagne disagrees and tells her she hasn’t done anything since “Lip Gloss.” The host said she was “delusional” for going on stage while Jay-Z and Alicia Keys performed. He added that she is only known for playing herself and getting on stage while Jay-Z and Alicia Keys performed.    

When Angela Yee suggests that Lil Mama isn’t focused on music as much, Lil Mama cries as she explains her absence. She talks about making her album while her mother was dying of cancer. Charlamagne tells her he wants her to make the music. The interview ends with Lil Mama promising her music will speak for itself.

2. Onyx (2014)

The 90’s Hip Hop group, Onyx, stopped by The Breakfast Club radio show in 2014. Half of Onyx, Fredro Starr, didn’t appreciate Charlamagne bringing up an old situation. The interview started with all laughs and respect, but five minutes in took a turn. When Angela Yee asks about their time in the '90s, Charlamagne instantly says, “Fredro was getting head from Brandy.” Let’s say, that changed the whole mood of Fredro Starr. Charlamagne was only repeating what the rapper had said in the past. As the interview proceeds, minutes later, Fredro stops to ask Charlamagne what happened to the guy that punched him in the eye.

Fredro believes the host should have stayed and fought the men instead of running. Charlamagne disagreed and, in return, asked Fredro about his fight with 50 Cent. Things got heated now, with Fredro raising his voice. They both trade shots about both of their instances. Fredro felt like Charlamagne shouldn’t bring old things up. But, the host believed there shouldn’t have been issues since he made the comment. Ultimately, the temperature cooled in the room as the host and rapper shook hands. Thankfully, they didn’t need five minutes. 

1. Soulja Boy (2018)

Soulja Boy has been around for a while, but it took him years to get on The Breakfast Club. He made sure his first appearance was memorable. He clarifies cocaine stories and explains dating Kat Stacks. Soulja believes he had the biggest comeback of 2018, with which Charlamagne disagrees.

The  “Crank Dat” rapper dives into his career to explain that he has always been looked at as an underdog. But, his public feuds with other artists, such as Chris Brown, Migos, and Shia Lebouf, have outshined his success. Charlamagne feels it’s his fault as he was doing “clown s***.” He also adds that Tyga deserves the biggest comeback of 2018. This started one of Soulja’s rants as he started to drop names.

Soulja claims he started going viral and is why artists like Chief Keef and Lil Pump were signed. He says Rich the Kid used to sleep on his couch, and he signed Famous Dex first. Soulja says he was the first rapper on YouTube and credits himself for starting streaming services. When Soulja Boy came out with “Crank Dat,” many believed he ruined Hip Hop. According to him, almost every song has a dance with it, which you can thank the SODMG boss for. 

Soulja Boy wants a percentage that he feels all these artists and record labels owe him. Charlamagne brings the conversation back to the topic at hand and says Tyga had the biggest comeback of 2018. Big Draco unleashed on Tyga before saying he loved him and wanted to do a song with him. He also explains the Chris Brown beef and his old issues with the Migos.  Shortly after, he claims he was the first rapper to fly the Atlanta group to Los Angeles.

Charlamagne realizes that Soulja Boy might be the “Godfather of Rap.” The interview takes a break from his music endeavors as he talks about his new console. Of course, he talks about the infamous shootout he was in years ago. The tempo of the interview rises when he tells what his issues were with Kanye West. He expresses his disdain towards the Yeezus rapper and his ties to then-President Donald Trump. 

Arguably, the best part of the interview comes towards the end when the topic of the year's biggest comeback comes up again. DJ Envy feels Meek Mill had the biggest comeback because he had a beef with one of the biggest artists in the world in Drake. Soulja immediately gets from his seat and then says the rapper’s name in a high-pitched, confused voice. He goes on to say that he taught everything Drake knows. He even says Drake took one of his lines from “Kiss Me Thru The Phone.”  

Soulja Boy has always been entertaining. His interview turned into popular memes all over social media. The way he says Drake was so popular that DJ Envy says his name in that manner when the Toronto rapper is brought up. Let us know you're favorite Breakfast Club interviews in the comments!


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