Iggy Azalea's Instagram: Her Sexiest Looks

Iggy Azalea's latest Instagram posts speak volumes. She might be a rapper, but fans have long praised her for her stunning good looks.

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These days, Iggy Azalea Instagram page is the easiest way to keep up with her—or her OnlyFans. Rap took an interesting turn when she splashed onto the scene. The Australian artist has more than 18 million followers interested in her consistent content. The rapper has often been the subject of controversy due to her racy images; still, she nearly "breaks the internet" with each addition. Here are a few of Iggy Azalea's standout posts from her sizzling Instagram account.

Iggy Azalea’s Instagram: Bikini Shots

One of Iggy‘s latest stunning Instagram pictures is outdoors in front of loads of spiky, green cacti. She uploaded the photo on May 4, 2023, and it's already raked in over a quarter of a million likes. She's matching flawlessly with the cacti in a dark green two-piece bikini. The top of her bikini is strapless, revealing her toned upper chest, arms, neck, and shoulders. Her washboard abs and amazing curves are also easy to see based on her perfect posture and pose. When Iggy is all covered up, the tattoo on her belly near her upper hip is completely hidden away. For this particular Instagram shot, the tattoo is on full display. She added a simple caption, “Green plant wonder," with a handful of heart emojis.

Green Goddess

On April 17, 2023, Iggy shared a separate picture on the gram, wearing a different green-colored bikini. This time, though, she didn't pose in front of a bunch of plants outdoors. Instead, she’s perched on some comfy chairs indoors near a large floor-to-ceiling window with natural sunlight pouring in. Her pale green bikini is designed with a triangle top that ties together with skinny straps behind her neck. She kept her caption brief by tagging the photographer's name who snapped the beautiful image (@midjordan) along with an emoji of a flashing camera.

Highly Unbothered

Iggy posted an Instagram photo thread on April 11, 2023, with several pictures showcasing how unbothered she’s been lately. In the top picture from the thread, she’s leaning back in a luxury vehicle, wearing a black cut-out dress that leaves little to the imagination up top. In the second image, she’s seen signing an autograph for an overzealous fan who looks interested in interacting with her.

The following picture from the thread shows Iggy taking time out of her night to snap selfies with fans who are visibly super excited to see her. The fourth image finally reveals the bottom half of her skin-tight black dress with its high slit up one side. She paired the dress with black, shiny knee-high boots, sunglasses, a silver bracelet, and a sparkling ring on one hand. Her caption says, “Pure intentions," revealing where her heart and head were that evening.

Balcony Beachside

Pairing a hot pink bikini with hot pink sunglasses is exactly Iggy‘s vibe in a jaw-dropping photo thread she posted on April 8, 2023. She's seen chilling in a patio chair on a balcony overlooking a breathtaking ocean view. The deep blue water and clear blue sky connecting the horizon behind her head create a picture-perfect moment. Since pink is a color that is so heavily connected to the Barbie doll image, there’s no denying the fact that Iggy gives total Barbie vibes in her hot pink bikini as she stares off seductively. Her caption says, “Recharge mode," with the smiling sun emoji. She's pretty relatable with that one because we could all use a recharge every now and then.

Heating Up NYC

On February 14, 2023, Iggy shared three photos in one post wearing a fiery dress with high slits cut into both sides up her thighs. The dress is covered in swirls of red and black, representing the flames you’d see in a ritzy fireplace at an upscale hotel. She knows exactly how to accessorize and makes the look more special with a pair of knee-high, shiny boots with skinny heels. She went all out with jewelry, opting for several flashy rings and a diamond-encrusted bracelet.

Sunglasses fit Iggy’s vibe because she didn’t skimp out on them for this look, either. She used her caption to shout out the same photographer who captured her pale green bikini look. She also mentioned that she was posing in the city of New York. Plenty of Iggy's fans persistently request her to get into more high-fashion modeling. Based on the series of pictures she shared in the Big Apple, she’s open to input.


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