Trick Daddy Ends An Era By Replacing His 30-Year-Old Grills

Trick Daddy makes headlines after ending a 30-year era replacing his notorious gold grills.

BYJames Jones
Trick Daddy Ends An Era By Replacing His 30-Year-Old Grills

Trick Daddy, the Miami rap icon has recently made headlines ending a 30-year era by replacing his gold grillz with shiny veneers. While Trick might be waving goodbye to his grills, he'll be saying hello to better oral health. Daniel Noguera, CEO of 5-star Smiles, shared with TMZ Hip Hop that the rap legend finally had a realization about his oral health after 15 years of neglect. After over a decade of refusing to go to the dentist, Trick is met with a multitude of complications.

Trick Daddy's gold grills were first set in 1994 and were center stage as he continued to make platinum records. However, the permanent caps began to cause significant damage and decay to his teeth, resulting in bone loss surgery and temporary fillings. Meanwhile, as his gums heal, Trick Daddy spent over 60k for the first treatment and will have the bottom teeth removed next week. Albeit this is just the beginning of Trick Daddy's dental health journey. He still has his final treatment in two months, which will result in beautiful porcelain veneers for his teeth. Love & Hip Hop Miami will be getting full coverage of his journey

Trick Daddy's Pearly Whites

Trick Daddy's era-ending decision is not to be taken lightly. While Florida is known for its gold slugs, prolonged use comes with consequences. Neglecting dental health can lead to a multitude of health problems from heart disease, and diabetes, to some forms of cancer. It's essential to visit the dentist regularly, practice good oral hygiene, and prioritize dental care.

Overall, Trick Daddy's decision to switch from grills to veneers marks the end of a historic era. Although he put Florida on the map for its gold-plated culture, it's great to see him prioritizing his health. His story serves as a reminder to always take care of your teeth and neglecting them can come with dire repercussions. We wish Trick Daddy all the best on his journey to a healthier smile. Do you like gold grills or shiny veneers? Check out Trick Daddy's journey on the new season of Love & Hip Hop Miami to see the final results.


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