SZA & Doja Cat's "Kill Bill (Remix)": Review

The remix of SZA's hit single has a new rapped verse from pop superstar Doja Cat.

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SZA has recruited Doja Cat for a remix of her song “Kill Bill.” The original song comes from SZA’s latest album SOS, a big release for the Top Dawg Entertainment songstress. After months of anticipation, teases, mixed messages, and more, it was released on December 9, 2022. SZA promoted the album with a tour and has been taking to stages from coast to coast.

“Kill Bill” was one of the biggest songs on the album, with the name generating buzz before people even heard the song. The title was inspired by Quentin Tarantino's famed franchise of the same name. Fans have seen SZA and Doja Cat work together before for their Grammy-winning hit “Kiss Me More,” but this song differs from that one in essentially every way.

Original “Kill Bill” Music Video Pays Homage Films

SZA and Doja Cat dropped the “Kill Bill” remix on April 14. Before this, the original song was a single from the album with an accompanying music video. It was directed by Christian Breslauer. Naturally, the visual paid homage to Tarantino's films. SZA can be seen in a red leather suit much akin to the yellow one the character named The Bride (Uma Thurman) wore in the film. The singer also rides a red motorcycle, and again, The Bride’s is yellow in the film.

Additionally, the opening moments of the video reference one of the most popular scenes in the film. There’s even an animated portion in the clip, much like the anime in the film. These are just touches of how SZA's team leaned into Tarantino's classic.

Doja Cat Beasts Out Bars

On the remix version of SZA’s “Kill Bill,” Doja Cat provides a rapped verse. Doja recently explained wanting to focus on rap and has been hinting at a full rap album. There have also been talks of her wanting to work with Jay Versace and 9th Wonder, which the rap world knows as high-level producers. Doja doubled down on this rap-focused career path in recent tweets. Amid these tweets,  there was a retweet from Jay, validating her rap skills.

In the remix, Doja’s rap verse opens the song. Her bars tell a more detailed version of the events from SZA’s original version. Although she often incorporates singing into her music, she held down rapping alone this time. The verse has a narrative feeling and gives the song a two-part storyline. Doja’s part is the aftermath of what SZA was speaking about. Listeners know SZA’s chorus opens with “I might kill my ex,” and by the time the song ends, she has switched to “I just killed my ex.” Unfortunately, there is no change in the production for Doja’s rapped verse. After hers ends, the song is like SZA’s original solo version.

The “Kill Bill” Remix Is A Treat For Fans

There is also a creative visualizer for SZA and Doja Cat’s “Kill Bill” remix. The visual plays on a loop, with some users believing it was the Spotify Canvas Art for the remix. However, this is not the case. The visualizer features an animated character that represents Doja Cat. She is wearing a red leather suit and carrying a mace. Red windows with silhouettes are behind her as she walks down a path. Characters referencing the Crazy 88 from Kill Bill attack her as she walks, and animated Doja fights them off with her weapon. The entire look of the visualizer resembles an old-school side-scrolling video game.

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