SZA Taps Doja Cat For "Kill Bill" Remix: Listen

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SZA and Doja Cat team up to kill their exes together.

Earlier tonight, Doja Cat surprised fans on Twitter. The artist had a very cryptic conversation with SZA on Twitter that seemed to be hinting at a new song. The two last collaborated on “Kiss Me More,” a single from Doja’s 2021 album Planet Her. The song was a smash on radio and streaming, and it is now 5x Platinum. The pair even won a Grammy for Best Pop Duo Performance for the song. It was the first Grammy for both Doja and SZA. After such a successful first collab, it isn’t a surprise that the two would want to do it again.

The very short interaction between Doja and SZA on Twitter immediately sent fans into hysterics, particularly in Doja’s case. Her fans have been waiting quite a long time for new music. Not much was said or hinted at in the conversation, however. “Sis… I did something bad,” Doja tweeted at SZA. Very soon after, SZA replied, “Jesus… what is it?” Doja replied once more, but she simply said “4.13.23 9 PM.” Turns out it was indeed a new collaboration.

Doja and SZA Team Up To "Kill Bill"

SZA's "Kill Bill" was already a huge hit. To this day, you can't open up social media without hearing the song on TikToks or Instagram Reels. However, it looks like SZA wanted to team up with someone on her mission to kill her ex. Doja Cat jumps on the beginning of the track with a rap verse. It feels somewhat different than her usual pop-influenced raps, though it's not surprising. Doja Cat has been clear that she wants to step away from pop. The verse adds quite a bit in terms of storytelling. It's a worthy feature, for sure.

"She saw me standing by the TV and she wouldn't stop screaming / So I tried to be discreet and told her 'calm your tits'," Doja raps during her verse. It's interesting to hear because the flow is very much sounding like Doja wants to lean into rap, but she still has her sense of humor. It seems like she's going to go for a much more mature sound if this feature is any indication. What do you think of the duo's team-up? Let us know in the comments!

Quotable Lyrics:

It happened in a flash
When she charged at me, y'all crisscrossed
Saw her fall to the floor, then you paused
And in horror, "That shot wasn't for her"
Was it?

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