The Best Girl Groups Of The 90s

There are many amazing girl groups from the 1990s. Here are 4 of the best.

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Plenty of music fans are huge admirers of musicians in the 1990s. This is especially true for girl groups, as more than enough of them were clamoring to be the best on the charts. In addition, there was diversity among the popular girl groups of the time. Some were strictly R&B, while others combined their music with a more mainstream pop sound. Either way, these iconic groups from the '90s have songs we still sing along to today.

Luckily, many of the best girl groups from the '90s are still around today. Some are still touring and even appearing on reality TV, while others may not be together. However, social media allows fans to keep up with their favorite members. Of course, most groups don’t last forever. Thankfully, we have their catalogs to revisit anytime we want. Here are four groups of the 1990s that were set apart from their contemporaries.


By and large, TLC is considered one of the best girl groups of the 1990s. Made up of T-Boz, Chilli, and Left Eye, the group released its first album in 1992. Delivered by La Face Records, Oooooooh… on the TLC Tip spawned the hit singles "What About Your Friends" and "Ain’t 2 Proud 2 Beg." It became certified quadruple platinum by the RIAA after selling four million copies by 1996. The group followed up its debut album with 1994’s CrazySexyCool, which contained the hit "Waterfalls" and became their biggest-selling LP.

Despite the success, TLC was bound to continue to climb the charts but also experience personal and professional turmoil. Their second biggest album, Fanmail, came out in 1999. It contained the career-defining "No Scrubs," which Kandi Burruss wrote. To date, the album has sold over 10 million copies worldwide. Unfortunately, Left Eye passed away on April 25, 2002, due to a vehicle accident in Honduras. Since then, TLC has released two albums, 3D in 2002, which Left Eye was a part of, and a self-titled album in 2017. Chilli and T-Boz still perform as TLC today.


Xscape is easily one of the best '90s girl groups. Made up of Tiny, Kandi, Tamika, and LaTocha, Xscape released its first album, Hummin’ Comin’ At ‘Cha, in 1993 on Columbia Records. The album featured the hits "Just Kickin’ It" and "Understanding." Xscape differed from the other girl groups of the '90s because they had a more grounded aesthetic. Additionally, all four group members sang lead, which was not usually the case. They followed up the album two years later with Off The Hook. It featured the hit "Who Can I Run To."

Today, Xscape is still an active group. Not only does the group still tour, but they are heavily involved with reality television. They recently did a show on Bravo called Queens of R&B with fellow 90s girl group SWV. However, the group has also experienced quite a bit of drama recently, leading to LaTocha's release of a solo gospel album and not being part of the group. It should be noted that she still considers herself a member of Xscape. The other three members have discussed making new music in the near future.


You can't discuss girl groups from the 90s without talking about SWV. The group's first album, It's About Time, was released by RCA Records in 1992. It featured the hits "Right Here/Human Nature" and "Weak." SWV, comprised of Coko, Tamara, and Lelee, later revealed that Michael Jackson gave them clearance to sample him on "Right Here." This shows his respect for their artistry early in their career.

To date, SWV released six albums, including a Christmas LP in 1997. It should be noted that the group didn't release its proper second album until 1996 with New Beginning. This famous '90s girl group has sold over 25 million units worldwide, with 11 million being album sales. Currently, SWV has over 3 million monthly listeners on Spotify. As mentioned, SWV is no stranger to reality TV, and they still tour today. Further, they released new albums in 2012 and 2016.

Destiny's Child

You'd be hard-pressed to find anyone saying Destiny's Child isn't among the best girl groups from the '90s. Though the group shifted members, the lasting members were Beyoncé, Kelly, and Michelle. To date, Destiny's Child has sold over 60 million units worldwide. Some of the group's biggest singles are "Bills, Bills, Bills," "Survivor," "Say My Name," and "Independent Women, Pt. 1."

After Destiny's Child went on hiatus, they pursued successful solo careers. Kelly Rowland released her first album in 2002 with Simply Deep. Though not a huge seller, it featured the hit "Dilemma" with Nelly. Then, Beyoncé released her first solo album in 2003 with Dangerously in Love. She has become one of the most influential artists of all time. Michelle has succeeded in gospel, pop, and acting. In addition, the ladies performed together at the Super Bowl Halftime show in 2013.

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