Donald Trump Sues Former Lawyer For $500 Million

Trump is suing is former long-time lawyer, Michael Cohen.

BYBen Mock
Donald Trump Sues Former Lawyer For $500 Million

It's been one week since former President Donald Trump was arraigned on 34 federal charges. Most of the crimes Trump has been indicted for relate to "hush money" given to pornstar Stormy Daniels and other women during his 2016 election campaign. The charges were filed in New York, where Trump was based in 2016. Trump's arraignment garnered widespread criticism from the political right.

Trump is no stranger to lawsuits, both as a defendant and plaintiff. He has a long history inside the courtroom. However, it seems that being arraigned has not quenched the former President's desire to be in the legal spotlight. A new lawsuit has emerged, which Trump seeking repatriation from someone who was once one of his closest allies.

Trump Wants $500 Million From Cohen For Breach Of Contract

Michael Cohen was once the closest thing Trump had to a right-hand man. Trump has often had a close relationship with his lawyer, notably Roy Cohn in the 1980s. However, Cohen served as both Trump's personal lawyer and fixer. However, things fell apart in 2018. Cohen, who had served as Trump's lawyer for 12 years, pled guilty to charges filed as part of the Mueller Investigation. He was sentenced to three years in federal prison for campaign finance violations, tax fraud, and bank fraud. Cohen also testified against Trump, stating the campaign finance violations, which Trump would also be charged with in 2023, were done at Trump's explicit behest.

However, Trump is now suing his former lawyer. According to the suit, filed in Miami, Trump is seeking $500 million for breach of contract, defamation, violation of an attorney-client relationship, and breach of a confidentiality agreement. These allegations revolve around books, podcasts, and media statements Cohen has given in recent years. In a statement, Trump's current legal team stated that the former president had “no alternative but to seek legal redress." Cohen's representation was quick to respond, accusing Trump of "using and abusing the judicial system as a form of harassment and intimidation against Michael Cohen." It is likely that this lawsuit will drag on for several months at a minimum. Trump will return to court for his federal charges in December.


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