YFN Lucci Appears To Pour Lean In Jail

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ATLANTA, GEORGIA - JANUARY 05: Rapper YFN Lucci performs onstage during "Joy To The Polls" pop up concert on January 05, 2021 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images)

YFN Lucci may be facing more trouble behind bars.

A video has surfaced that appears to show YFN Lucci pouring up lean in jail. Lucci is currently locked up at the Fulton County Jail facing RICO charges. The charges stem from a drive-by shooting that happened in January 2021. The initial shooting led to an exchange of gunfire, As a result, James Adams, who was a passenger in the car with Lucci, was shot and killed. Authorities do not believe Lucci shot Adams. However, in Georgia, if one person dies while committing a crime, that person's accomplices are responsible for their death.

Subsequently, Lucci was charged with murder, racketeering, aggravated assault, and possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony. Now, the Atlanta rapper may be in trouble again. On Sunday, the Say Cheese! Twitter account posted a video that appears to show Lucci pouring up lean in his jail cell. During the brief clip, Lucci can be seen pouring liquid into two bottles. If the substance is in fact lean, this would be a major breach of jail rules. However, some Twitter users were perplexed as to how Lucci was able to get his hands on lean, to begin with. "How did he get lean?" one user asked.

YFN Lucci Could Face Additional Charges

Meanwhile, others pointed out that it may be difficult for jail staff to prove the substance was lean. "Can’t prove it’s an illegal substance just from a video," one user said. Although It may be difficult for authorities to prove that the substance was lean Lucci will still have to explain having a cell phone. Phones are considered contraband in most jails. Therefore, anyone who brings in a phone for an inmate can face stiff punishment or even jail time. Moreover, any inmate caught with a phone runs the risk of being sent to solitary confinement and possibly additional charges.

However, any new charges would likely be a drop in the bucket for Lucci. The 32-year-old is facing the possibility of spending the rest of his life behind bars. Lucci and his associates had been under investigation for some time for their arrests. Subsequently, Lucci and 12 other men were named in a more than 100-count indictment. The men are accused of belonging to one of Atlanta's most ruthless gangs. Ironically, Lucci is facing a similar fate as his longtime enemy Young Thug. Thugger is also facing RICO charges and the possibility of decades behind bars. Lucci's fans will be hoping the rapper can stay out of trouble and one day see freedom again.


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