Kim Kardashian Joins "American Horror Story"

The reality star will appear alongside AHS alum Emma Roberts.

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Kim Kardashian announced via her Instagram today that she will be joining the cast of the long-running anthology horror series, American Horror Story. The show is now entering its twelfth season. It began airing in 2011, and for several years, it was a pop culture phenomenon. The show made megastars of actors like Sarah Paulson and Emma Roberts, both of whom experienced a surge in popularity after appearing on the show. It also reinvigorated the careers of legendary actresses like Angela Bassett and Jessica Lange. Around the time of its fourth season, however, the show began to decline in popularity. It would then see many of its mainstays jumping ship to move on to bigger and better things. As such, the show began to struggle to remain relevant.

Kim Kardashian's announcement that she was cast in the newest season is no real surprise. American Horror Story frequently plays host to some of the biggest stars in Hollywood. Sometimes, they appear in guest roles. Other times, they are the main stars of the season. Lady Gaga's entire career path changed after she was cast in the show's fifth season. She's gone on to become quite a sought-after actress. Sadly, the latter half of the show's run has mostly been a disappointment to fans. So, it's really no surprise that they would try to pull out all the stops. Casting Kim Kardashian will certainly bump up the viewership. As for Kim, it's another attempt at branching out in her career. So far, those attempts haven't worked in her favor, but maybe this will be different.

Kim's Ventures Into Performing

The teaser for the twelfth season of American Horror Story, which Kim posted to her Instagram, shows very little. In the show's typical fashion, they are keeping the story under wraps. In the video, a minor-key version of "Rock-a-bye Baby" plays as text displays the words "Kim Kardashian and Emma Roberts are delicate." American Horror Story fans will be delighted that Roberts is returning, as she has been a series staple. Their reaction to Kim might not be so welcoming. This is not her first acting role, but her only other credit is for voicing a character in an animated film. So, Kim has a lot to prove. As many may remember, Kim's other ventures into the performing arts haven't fared so well.

In 2011, she released the critically-panned song, "My Jam (Turn It Up)". It was mercilessly made fun of on the internet, television, and radio. She hasn't done much in the way of performing since besides the animated film. She was recently announced to have linked up with James Corden for an episode of Carpool Karaoke, but no release date has been revealed. Still, her fans are excited to see her in the new season of American Horror Story. Most of the comments on her post are extremely positive. "Emma Roberts AND KIM? in MY ahs? the gays will go extinct," one user commented. Another had no idea what the show was, but was excited anyway, stating, "Omg WHAAAT AHS?! Whatever it is I NEEEED." What do you think about the news? Sound off in the comments!

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