Uncle Luke Speaks After "Estranged Son" Is Arrested For Aggravated Assault

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The 2 Live Crew icon's son, Luther Campbell Jr., was arrested last week in South Beach.

He's a prominent figure in Hip Hop who isn't a stranger to controversy, but this time, Uncle Luke's son Luther Campbell Jr. is in the hot seat. Luke is an icon in the Rap scene as a member of 2 Live Crew, the group that took the industry by storm decades ago. Their explicit lyrics and music videos rubbed conservatives the wrong way, and soon, they found themselves banned worldwide. Uncle Luke continues to enjoy his reputation as one of Hip Hop's earliest bad boys; however, he's keeping his nose clean these days. He's hailed as an activist and voice for his community, and now, he's defending his son.

According to CBS News, Luther Campbell Jr. was arrested in South Beach, Florida, last week. An incident occurred near the Big Pink restaurant where witnesses claimed Campbell Jr. approached them "aggressively" while holding a knife. He repeatedly asked them, "What did you say?!" as the purported victims backed away. They would later identify Campbell Jr. to the police. Officers also were said to have found a knife on Campbell upon arrest.

Luther Campbell Jr. Appears In Court

Campbell Jr. was later charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and resisting without violence. Campbell was also told to stay away from the victims in this case. It was further stated that he informed the court that he couldn't afford a private attorney at his hearing. Campbell is on probation, so a judge decided on a $6,000 bond for both charges. CBS News also reported that in November 2018, Campbell was hit with charges including grand theft auto, possession of a controlled substance, and knowingly driving with a suspended license.

Meanwhile, following the news of his son's arrest, Uncle Luke took to social media. In a video, he called out certain media outlets over coverage of Cambell Jr.'s case. "Let me just say this to the Miami media: is that the best y'all could do?" he questioned. "You go find the estranged son who goes to jail every other week. And you plaster that on the news because I went off on your white boy Dan Gilbert on Miami Beach for what he's doing to African American kids. Oh, you went and found the estranged son." Not everyone agreed with Uncle Luke's reaction, but he's standing ten toes down. Check out his message above.


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