The latest celebrity whom Danielle Bregoli wants to cash ousside? Kylie Jenner. “It seems like she wants attention so bad, like lil’ bitch would do anything,” Bregoli said of Jenner during a recent interview on L.A.’s Power 106. 

Seeing Bregoli’s rise to fame over the last several weeks, the irony of her calling out Kylie is unmistakable. Her comments have earned her plenty more attention, that’s for sure. Bregoli made sure to clown Kylie for her seemingly extensive use of plastic surgery: 

“How do you go from fuckin’ lips the size of a twig, and a body that looks like a fuckin’ paperclip, and now you look like an hourglass?”

Should Kylie take issue with Bregoli’s on-air insults, the 13-year-old meme star has promised to back up her fighting words: “Bitch come meet me at the Roosevelt. Wassup? I’m right here.” 

“You’re down to fight Kylie Jenner?” asked the radio host in feigned amazement. “Damn right,” Bregoli confirms. 

And that’s not all. Bregoli was flagged down by reporters at LAX yesterday, and they incited her to direct her fury at not just Kylie but the whole Kardashian clan, and Kim specifically. “Bitch I’ll whoop every Kardashian ass there is,” Bregoli said when asked if she was worried about Kylie retaliating. 

She then viciously dissed the most famous Kardashian of them all. “She fucked Ray J, now she’s famous,” said Bregoli, offering a common speculation on the origin of Kim’s celebrity. 

Are Danielle’s days in the spotlight numbered now that she’s declared war with the most famous family in Hollywood? 

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