LL Cool J's Best Acting Roles

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CBS' "NCIS: Los Angeles" Series Wrap Party
LL Cool J attends the CBS' "NCIS: Los Angeles" series wrap party. (Photo by Rodin Eckenroth/Getty Images)
LL Cool J has proved he can last in Hollywood with his TV and movie roles. Which one of his is your favorite?

Although he is one of the greatest emcees Hip Hop has ever seen, LL COOL J is quite the actor as well.  Whether it is on TV, in theater, or hosting a game show, the New York rapper excels when he gets behind the camera.  For decades, LL has been showing his talents off and should be recognized.  Out of all his performances, there are a few that stand out.

Here’s the best acting performances from LL COOL J.

Deliver Us from Eva

In 2003, LL Cool J starred in the movie, Deliver Us from Eva.  The movie had notable stars such as Gabrielle Union, Duane Martin, and Meagan Good.  LL Cool J plays a ladies’ man who is sought out to develop a relationship with a bossy woman (Union) so she can give her sisters more time with their husbands.  Union plays a Health Inspector that doesn’t have anything on her mind, but to keep tabs on her little sisters.  Ultimately, the two fall in love.  

On the popular movie rating platform, Rotten Tomatoes, Deliver Us from Eva received a rating of 44%.  Many critics believed the romantic comedy was too predictable.  LL Cool J does well in his role as he makes you believe he really fell for Union.

Last year, the wife of ex-NBA superstar Dwayne Wade, posted a photo of the two from a photo shoot for the movie.  Fans were even in the comments stating Deliver Us from Eva was their favorite movie.  Some claim they still watch it to this day.

Any Given Sunday

If you watched Any Given Sunday, then you might’ve thought LL Cool J had a future in the NFL.  Surely, he looked the part alongside actual NFL players like Jim Brown, Lawrence Taylor, and Terell Owens, who were actually in the movie.

In this film, the Queens native was also around some big names in Hollywood.  Al Pacino, Dennis Quaid, Cameron Diaz, Bill Bellamy, and Jamie Foxx starred in this movie as well.  The Queens rapper played star running back, Julian Washington, who didn’t see eye to eye with new, flashy star quarterback, Willie Beamen played by Jamie Foxx.  The infamous fight scene in the movie between Foxx and LL COOL J was actually real, believe it or not.

Although, in the movie, LL COOL J’s character had a problem with his quarterback after he was taking all the credit for their winning streak, the two stars had issues behind the cameras as well.  Last year, Bill Bellamy, who also starred in this film, clarified on what actually happened between the two stars on an episode of Drink Champs.

According to Bellamy, it appears that the “All I Have”  rapper did not take kindly to all of the comedian’s sarcasm.  Bellamy even claims he warned Foxx about poking fun at LL, but he wouldn’t listen.  After an incident occurred where Foxx busted LL’s lip, LL had had enough.  That’s when he punched Foxx, which made for a great scene.

LL Cool J In The House

The “Mama Said Knock You Out” rapper starred in his own show in the mid 90s, In the House.  LL COOL J played Marion, a former professional football player, who has to deal with life after football, like working as a “manny”.  The sitcom lasted five seasons airing on popular networks, NBC and UPN.  Starring alongside the rapper was Debbie Allen, Kim Wayans, and Alfonso Ribeiro.

LL made you feel like you knew Marion.  He was cool, funny, and fly!  There’s no doubt that this came with ease as he made it seem so natural.  It seems as if executive producer Quincy Jones knew he LL was made for this role.  Maybe he had him in mind when creating it.

LL Cool J Survives Deep Blue Sea

Deep Blue Sea was so good that they made a trilogy!  The first one stars LL COOL J as Preacher, in a role many feel he excelled in.  Deep Blue Sea is regarded as one of the best shark movies of all time.

A team of scientists are in an underwater facility researching sharks when they find out some of the sharks have been genetically engineered.  As the sharks are attacking people, the team fights to escape the facility.  Preacher plays an important role as he kills the first shark the team encounters as well as the final shark to end the movie.  LL’s character caused fans to be on the edge of their seats.  Alongside the legend, Samuel L. Jackson, the “Doin It” rapper clearly made the movie.

Last Holiday

Similar to Deliver Us from Eva, LL COOL J falls in love in Last Holiday.  In a touching holiday love story, Queen Latifah stars as Georgia, a woman who has been suddenly diagnosed with a rare neurological disorder after taking a fall.  LL COOL J stars alongside her as her love interest as they both are interested in each other, but have not admitted it.  Again, the Queens rapper nails his role in a romantic film.

NCIS: Los Angeles

In 2009, LL COOL J was casted as Special Agent Sam on NCIS: Los Angeles.  He is one of the original cast members as the show has been running for 14 years.  Although the show is ending, he had nothing but good things to say.

”Well, I gotta tell you-it’s not hard at all.  CBS did an amazing thing with us; it’s been an amazing run.  We’re talking about 14 years…I think that the show has done tremendous numbers…I couldn’t complain.  I have nothing to complain about.”

In Too Deep

In what might be his best role yet, LL COOL J starred alongside Omar Epps in the movie, In Too Deep.  LL COOL J plays the biggest drug dealer around with so much power, his nickname is God.  Omar Epps plays a detective that goes undercover to infiltrate God’s crew.

The “Paradise” rapper excels in his role as being an intimidator as well as an enforcer.  His most infamous line comes at the end of the movie when Epps’s character sends him to prison.  As, he is being carried out of the courtroom, he screams, “You ain’t no cop, J. Reid!”  LL was so good, you would’ve thought he was really a kingpin.

Let us know your favorite roles that LL COOL J has played. 

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