Ciara And Russell Wilson: Relationship Timeline

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2022 ESPYs - Arrivals
Russell Wilson and Ciara attend the 2022 ESPYs. (Photo by Momodu Mansaray/WireImage)

A Beautiful testament of true love.

Ciara and Russell Wilson's beautiful love story has won the hearts of many. They developed a close connection and have remained inseparable ever since. Both have supported each other and shared sweet messages on social media and in interviews throughout their relationship. Ciara and Russell have handled public criticism and personal struggles with grace and strength. They have created a loving and joyful family, inspiring others with their dedication to each other and their community. Ciara and Russell's marriage demonstrates the power of connection as well as the beauty of a strong, healthy partnership.

January 2015: Meeting for the first time in Seattle

January 2015; Ciara and Russell Wilson attended a charity event called "An Evening with Russell Wilson and Friends" at the SLS Hotel in Seattle. At the Event, She raised money for the Russell Wilson Passing Academy and the Seattle Children's Hospital. During the event,a mutual friend of theirs introduced themselves. On the spot, they liked each other and wanted to know more about themselves. They spent a lot of time talking and laughing together throughout the evening, as per reports.

April 2015: Ciara and Russell together at the White House

The White House invited Ciara and Russell Wilson to the Japanese State Dinner. People saw both of them together there. It provided a glimpse of their earliest meetings together. President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle Obama hosted the formal event to honor Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo and his wife Akie Abe.. A lot of celebrities and high profile guests were present there.

Ciara and Russell were seen together at that event. It captured the attention of the media and their fans. People liked them because of the nature of their relationship. People captured a bunch of their photographs at that event. They were even seen singing together at such a big event . It proved their devotion and love for each other. People loved seeing them together and their love was affectionate to all of them. The presence of both of them in the event proved they were more than just friends.

May 2015: Mayweather-Pacquiao Boxing Match in Las Vegas

In 2015, A boxing match was conducted between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Paacquiao in Las Vegas. Ciara And Wilson, both were seen together at that high intensity match. A lot of A-Class celebrities were present there. This couple added more pride to the presence of them all. Being present together at that match, a rumor of their relationship started revolving around the media. Both of them looked stunning and gorgeous at the Event.

Moreover, Ciara wearing a white gown and Russell in a sharp black suit looking so gorgeous. Photographers captured them together several times throughout the match, which built an even greater chemistry among them. The match between both the stars was a major event in that Month. Presence of Ciara and Russell in that event proved to the couple and the media that they were indeed a couple. They continued their journey to attend more social events and showed love to the community. This major event pointed to a great milestone in their relationship for the upcoming days.

July 2015: Kids' Choice Sports Awards

In July 2015, Ciara and Russell Wilson made their first public appearance together at the Kids' Choice Sports Awards in Los Angeles. They inaugurated this event to honor the best sportsmen, athletes, and sports moments of the year. At that event, Ciara and Russel’s presence proved to the audience and media that they both wanted each other. They both were seen together always at such big events throughout the year. It was a clear indication that they both were serious in their relationship.

Furthermore, Ciara looked stunning in her Mini dress and Russell, wearing a blue suit, was looking so bold and handsome. They were seen laughing and enjoying the environment of the event. Moreover, their photographs were also taken on the Orange Carpet. Back to the previous events in the year, they attended many but their dating was not confirmed. This awards show publicly showed that they were in a relationship.

March 2016: Russell proposed to Ciara during a romantic trip

Seychelles is an archipelago of 115 islands in the Indian Ocean, off the coast of East Africa. Ciara and Russell went on a romantic trip there. On this romantic occasion, Russel proposed to Ciara. She was surprised and her eyes poured with tears at that time. She took no more than a minute and said “ YES”. Both of them became so happy and hugged each other. They were also spotted kissing each other that time. The proposal occurred during a private dinner.

What’s more, it was a pre-planned trip by Russel specially for her finance Ciara. He gifted Ciara with a customized diamond engagement ring that he had designed himself. The ring featured a 16-carat centre stone and smaller diamonds. The ring's value was over $2 million worth. Media widely publicized their relationship and also reported the couple’s engagement. The stunning ring given by Russel confirmed all the rumors that they both loved and cared for each other.

July 2016: The couple Got Married

In July 2016, Ciara and Russell Wilson tied the knot in a fairy-tale wedding in Cheshire, England. The venue for the great couple was the 19th century medieval style castle. The beautiful ground of the castle and the beautiful scenery around every angle provided a great sense of humor. A lot of celebrities and high profile people were invited to the wedding ceremony. Some of the most well-known celebrities such as Jennifer Hudson, Kelly Rowland, and La La Anthony were also present there. 

During the event, Ciara wore a custom-made Roberto Cavalli gown that featured intricate lace detailing. She dresses in a simple sleek uniform design. She was looking all gorgeous and amazing at that wedding. Meanwhile, Russell was looking stunning and bold in a black tuxedo. Overall, Ciara and Russell's wedding was a truly magical event, filled with love, joy, and romance. It was a beautiful celebration of their love and commitment to each other. A moment that they will cherish forever.

April 2017: Ciara gave birth to their daughter, Sienna Princess Wilson

April 2017 was the most blessing and the most precious day for both of them. They were indeed happy to be full and couldn’t explain in their words. It was the day when Caira gave birth to their beautiful daughter named Sienna Princess Wilson. The couple announced the news of their daughter on social media. They share a beautiful picture of her. Ciara and Russel thanked all their beautiful fans and well wishers for all the heartily congratulations. 

Similarly, Ciara and Russell have been open about their love for their children. They frequently share photos and videos of their family on social media. They have described parenthood as a blessing and a joy.  Moreover, They love to raise their children with love, kindness, and faith. The birth of their daughter was the most special moment for both of them. It was also the beginning of a new chapter in the lives of both of them.

July 2019: The couple celebrated their third wedding anniversary

Wedding anniversary has always been a great symbol of love and devotion between a couple. It expresses the true intensity of love between them. Likewise, Ciara And Russel celebrated their third wedding anniversary in 2019. To make it more memorable, they posted a beautiful picture of them on instagram that all the people loved so much. She also wrote a very beautiful heartfelt message for her husband. The message expressed her loving intentions for their love for the upcoming time.

Russell also shared a message on social media, posting a photo of himself and Ciara. He wrote about his love for his wife and their life together. Russell thanked Ciara for her love and support. He also expressed his excitement for the years to come. The couple's anniversary message was a proof of their enduring love and commitment to each other. It also showed how important their relationship was to them.

January 2020: Ciara announced that she was pregnant again

Ciara used her Instagram account in January 2020 to announce that she was pregnant with her and Russell Wilson's second child. The announcement featured a photo of Ciara wearing a bikini that displayed her growing baby bump. Fans and all the well wishers congratulated them with beautiful messages. People expressed a lot of love for their new child . Ciara and Russel have always been so caring and loving for their children. They have always talked and dealt them with kindness and love. It also demonstrated the importance of their relationship. How much they cherished their love and their life together!

July 2020: Ciara gave birth to their son, Win Harrison Wilson

In July 2020, Ciara gave birth to her and Russell Wilson's second child together. A beautiful baby boy they named Win Harrison Wilson. The couple announced the birth on social media, sharing a photo of themselves holding their newborn son's hand. Ciara and Russell have always been vocal about their love for their children. They have always desired to have a big and loving family. They view parenthood as a blessing and a joy, and have expressed their commitment to raising their children with love, kindness, and faith.

Also, Win Harrison Wilson joins his older sister, Sienna Princess Wilson, in the Wilson family. Ciara also has a son, Future Zahir Wilburn, from her previous relationship with rapper Future.Following the birth of their son, Ciara and Russell have continued to share their journey as parents on social media. They have posted photos and videos of their children, along with heartfelt messages about their love and gratitude for their family.

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