Finesse2tymes & Erica Banks Trade Shots Over Their Short-Lived Relationship

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The "90 Days" rapper revealed that he and his ex didn't work out because of her tendency to check her phone immediately after waking, and constantly calling him "bruh."

Dating is hard enough for the average person, but the love lives of celebrities are particularly volatile due to the nature of their work. Constantly being in the public eye would take a toll on anyone, but having your looks, career moves, and relationships constantly scrutinized by both the press and social media causes many stars to keep their personal life private. While some famous couples do manage to make it to the endgame together, others – such as Finesse2tymes and Erica Banks – cut ties after just a few weeks.

The pair spent a few weeks together last September, though it wasn't long before the 90 Days hitmaker posted up with another woman online. Since then, he and Banks have been known to trade shots back and forth online, though their beef reached new heights on Friday (March 10). At the time, Finesse sat down on The Breakfast Club to explain why he and the "Buss It" artist ultimately went their separate ways after such a short time.

Finesse2tymes Tells His Side of the Story

"The age thing, that's what I didn't understand," he began, referencing the six-year age gap between them. "You know, I'm a man! When I wake up in the morning, my woman get up, 'cuz it's time to cook, it's time to have some sex, it's time to clean up," Finesse further explained. "When you get up and get on your phone, I don't like that. Don't get straight on your phone when you around a man." According to the southern rapper, a woman's job is to take care of her partner first, then she can scroll through social media.

Seeing as she's allegedly chronically online, it wasn't long before Banks clapped back at her former lover. "This man crazy," she wrote on her Story while reposting Finesse's interview with TBC. Shortly after she went Live on IG, breaking down what happened from her point of view for curious followers.

Erica Banks Claps Back

"There's a difference between a good woman and a maid," the 24-year-old's rant began. "There's a difference between a good woman, and a 'do girl.' You get where I'm going? With Finesse, he wants a servant." Banks then addressed Finesse's comments about her using her phone immediately after opening her eyes, pointing out that she conducts most of her business through her cell. "I'm about to get up, make sure everything's straight, check on my people, check on my account, and then we can get up and talk about what you wanna eat for breakfast."

The rap diva told listeners, "This n*gga want a servant who can get on they knees and kiss his toes. I'm just not that girl! It's somebody out there for him to do that, it just ain't me." Banks also made it known that she still thinks the Memphis native is a "good person" and "funny," but knows that they're not meant to be together. Hear everything the 1501 artist revealed about Finesse2tymes in the videos below, and check back later for more pop culture news.

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