As Finesse2Tymes continues on his ascent to rap superstardom, the Memphis native has made one thing abundantly clear – he’s looking for a feminine female to stand by his side on his rise to the top.

Previously, the “Luv N Hip Hop” artist was linked to Texas’ own Erica Banks after the two shared flirtatious photographs together, but just a few weeks later, another woman posted up in a hotel room with the rapper, leading fans to believe that his entanglement with the “Buss It” hitmaker had come to an end.

While we didn’t necessarily get any clarification as to what happened between the two at the time, a recent video of Finesse ranting about his romantic preferences has been making rounds online, causing internet sleuths to speculate that he and Banks didn’t work out because she’s not “feminine” enough for him.

“I ain’t one of these young, new, dumbass rappers,” he ranted to his camera in the clip. “Don’t be calling me gang, don’t be calling me no motherf*cking simp, don’t say ‘Boy, please.”

The 30-year-old noted that he takes offence to “all that shit” before adding, “Don’t play with me like that. Don’t do that. I’m a grown motherf*cking… I’m a cold-blooded man! Don’t do that, ‘cuz I’m looking for a woman!”

Finesse went on to say, “I ain’t looking for no motherf*cking man. I don’t need you talking about gang this, or simp this, or boy please this. I’m looking for a feminine female, you know what I’m saying? That’s what made the last bitch go that way.”

While it remains unclear if 2Tymes was throwing shade at his rumoured ex, it’s worth noting that Banks herself got into some trouble recently after a video of her criticizing other women was leaked online – read more about that here, and tap back in with HNHH later for more pop culture news updates.