What We Know About Latto & 21 Savage

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Latto and 21 Savage
Latto (Photo by Steve Granitz/FilmMagic,). 21 Savage (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
Latto and 21 Savage have been fueling rumors for years, but keep denying their romance. Here's what we know about the rumored couple.

For about two years now, Latto and 21 Savage have been a mystery to us all.  After countless clues and speculations, the Atlanta rappers continue to deny they are in a relationship.  The “Lottery” artist tries to keep her personal life private while the Slaughtergang CEO is never one to talk much.  Hence, who knows if they are together?  However, there’s plenty of evidence that shows at some point they were in each other’s lives.  

First, rumors started in December of 2020 when both artists posted pictures in what looked like the same location.  Neither party confirmed, but fans were adamant they were together.  Two years later, eyes are still on them, and they  both remain that they are not in a relationship.  Here’s what we know about Latto and 21 Savage during  the past few years.  

March 2021-21 Savage Deletes Post

21 Savage reposted a picture of Latto on his Instagram story.  In the photo, it looks like Latto just left the Hermes store as she is walking with a Hermes bag, throwing up the peace sign.  She is all smiles looking at the camera in a comfortable outfit.

The “a lot” rapper couldn’t keep his thoughts to himself as he wanted to express his admiration for her.  He posted the picture with the message: “No makeup [heart eyes emojis] dam u fine it’s only 1 way I can come bout you twin [crying laughing face emoji]”.  Immediately, Savage deleted the post, but it was too late as fans started to speculate.  Many accused them of lying about their relationship as both rappers continue to deny being together.

April 2021-Fans see 21 Savage's shadow in Latto photo

Latto yet again hit the Gram up with a few alluring photos.  The Queen of Da Souf rapper posted the pictures with the caption, “He love it here.”  It’s interesting she uses the caption as there is clearly a man taking these photos.  In one of the pictures, you can see a shadow of the photographer.

Fans picked up on this and determined the photographer to be 21 Savage.  It is said to be the Atlanta rapper because of the silhouette’s hair.  Latto’s comments were flooded with fans saying it has to be 21.  Obviously, neither party confirmed the rumor.

July 2021-Latto addresses Dream Doll’s “Tryout”

Bronx rapper Dream Doll released a song titled, “Tryouts”.  In this song, she mentions and shows love to many female rappers in Hip Hop.  Latto was included on the list as she had a few lines for the “Big Energy” artist.  She raps, “And Mulatto, yeah, that’s my lil’ honey bun/Asked her how many times she came, she said, ’21 21’.”

Nice wordplay from Dream Doll as she puts together both rappers and also, ends it with Savage’s adlib.  Although Latto didn’t say much about the song, she had nothing but praises for Dream Doll.

“I think Dream Doll is dope, and I’m so proud of her elevation.  She comes from a reality TV show.  I come from a reality TV show so it’s like I’m rooting for her.”

21 Savage has not made a comment on the song either.  Honestly, either Dream Doll knows something, or it’s just rap.  You decide.

October 2021-Happy Birthday from Latto?

On his 29th birthday, 21 Savage received a special birthday cake.  Evidently, the NSFW cake was heart-shaped with a note that read, “Lemme suck that d***”.  Hence, once fans saw this, they immediately pointed the finger to Latto.  The “Bank Account” rapper also showed off his room which was decorated with red balloons and roses as well as lit candles spelling 21.

Per usual, Savage is tight-lipped and did not reveal who did this for him.  Fans are accusing Latto of this stating that the message on the note is something she would say.  The 777 rapper might be keeping this her little secret or maybe she didn’t do this at all.  We can only wonder.

December 2021: 21 Attends Latto Birthday Party

21 Savage attends Latto’s 23rd birthday party.   It was a celebration to say the least as the Clayco County rapper was gifted a brand new Richard Mille watch to go with a brand new Lambroghini.  Furthermore, a fireworks display was also a part of the night.

Fans assumed the “Jimmy Cooks” rapper put together the fireworks show and brought her the lavish gifts. Latto was overwhelmed with excitement as 21 looked on.  He attended the party in theme, dressed as a Cowboy.

March 2022: “Wheelie”

Latto collaborated with 21 Savage for their second song together, “Wheelie”.  They last collaborated on “Pull Up” off Latto’s debut album, Queen of Da Souf.  “Wheelie” comes with a video and is the second single off her sophomore project, 777.

October 2022: Freaknik for 21's 30th

Even though she was on tour opening up for Lizzo, Latto still managed to attend 21 Savage’s 30th birthday party.  It was a “Freaknik” themed event with many stars in attendance.  After he attended her birthday party, Latto returns the favor.   

December 2022: 21 Savage Denies Relationship

 21 Savage speaks on his status in a conversation on Clubhouse.

“I’ve been hot for a long time.  I don’t do all the antics and s***.  I don’t got a celebrity girlfriend.”

You have to look at the key word here.  The 30 year old rapper said he doesn’t have a “celebrity” girlfriend.  That may mean he does have a girlfriend, but she isn’t famous.  Latto is one of the hottest artists out, so, maybe he isn’t in a relationship with her.  

January 2023: 21 Lil Harold Slips Up

Slaughtergang artist 21 Lil Harold sat down with Hot 107.9 where he got caught up in a sneaky question. He was asked if he has someone in his corner like 21 Savage has Latto.  The young artist somewhat agreed with the radio host before realizing what he did.  MiAsia, the host, continued to ask if 21 Lil Harold thought the rumored couple were cute, to which he agreed.

”They cute together, but….them folks, they single.  They friends.”

February 2023: Rhonnie Lee Confirms; "Sheyaa" tattoo

Celebrity stylist Rhonnie Lee confirmed that Latto and 21 Savage have been dating for years.  Lee has styled many artists and now styles Moneybagg Yo. On Instagram, one user questioned why the two rappers have admitted their relationship to the public.  Lee replied that they love each other.

“They’re together have been for years now! Not something I heard something I KNOW! This woman he loves her & Vice verse!”

She sure seems confident, but no one confirmed this to be true.

Recently, it looks like Latto has a new tattoo.  Behind her ear, she has the word “Sheyaa” tattooed.  21 Savage’s legal first name is Sheyaa.  This is all fans needed to see as they took to social media to discuss the tattoo.  

Let us know if you think Latto and 21 Savage are in a real relationship in the comments.  

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