The last year has been an interesting one for Chris Rock. He previously found his world turned upside down following an altercation with Will Smith at the 2022 Oscars. While the comedian certainly felt the impact of the slap he received across the face from the actor, it was the latter whose career took several major hits as a result of his violent actions. Rock, on the other hand, was offered plenty of exciting opportunities, including a two-and-a-half-hour-long stand-up special.

The Netflix project finally made its debut on Saturday (March 4). As expected, the South Carolina-born entertainer didn’t hold back. On the long list of topics he addressed was obviously “Slapgate,” as it’s become known online, but that’s not all he had to vent about. Elsewhere in the lengthy performance, Rock shared his thoughts on Meghan Markle, who released a Netflix special of her own with her husband Prince Harry recently.

Chris’ Big Comedy Comeback

Chris Rock is seen backstage during the 94th Annual Academy Awards at Dolby Theatre on March 27, 2022, in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Al Seib /A.M.P.A.S. via Getty Images)

“Like who is this girl Meghan Markle? Seems like a nice lady, just complaining,” the Madagascar voice actor says in a video making rounds online. “Like didn’t she hit the light-skinned lottery?” He then specifically referenced comments she made during an interview with Oprah in 2022. At the time, it was revealed that a member of the Royal Family previously raised questions about what colour their first son, Archie, would be due to the actresses’ interracial lineage.

Mocking Markle, Rock ranted to his audience. “‘They’re so racist, they’re so racist.’ Some of that shit she went through was not racism. It was just some in-law shit,” he insisted. “‘Oprah, they’re so racist. They wanted to know how brown the baby was going to be.’ That’s not racist. Even Black people want to know how brown the baby going to be.”

Rock Defends the Royal Family

Apparently, in the father of two’s family, it’s customary to “check behind the ears” of a newborn. This is “because you’ve got to know what kind of black child you going to get.” The funny man then described the range from light skin, like Steph Curry, to far darker complexions, like Draymond Green’s. After dissing Markle, Rock told listeners that he still sympathizes with what she’s been going through.

“I know her dilemma: Black girl trying to be accepted by her white in-laws. Oh, it’s hard. It’s so hard – but it ain’t as hard as a white girl trying to be accepted by her black in-laws. Now that shit is really hard,” the entertainer laughed. “If you Black and you wanted to be accepted by your white in-laws then you need to marry a Kardashian because they accept everybody.” Read what Chris Rock had to say about his feud with Will Smith here, and let us know if you’ll be watching the comedy special in the comments.