Twitter blew up with reactions to disturbing allegations made against Ja Morant on Wednesday (March 1). Moreover, the Memphis Grizzlies star allegedly threatened a 17-year-old with a gun after the latter threw a ball at him during a pick-up game. Furthermore, this news follows previous reports that the teen is suing Morant for assaulting him. While the NBA player hasn’t said anything publicly of this as of yet, he did post an Instagram Story of the track “No Weapon.” If reading too deeply into social media posts is you’re thing, you’re in luck. If not, people still had some notable reactions to this news.

Even though this altercation seems like it could’ve happened anywhere, Morant actually hosted the pick-up game at his residence. Also, the 23-year-old admitted to hitting the teen, but claimed that it was only because of self-defense. Not only is Morant directly tied to this incident, but also some of his family members like allegedly his brother. From a defendant’s perspective, it seems like the family felt in danger after the teen’s actions. However, it’s very unclear who misinterpreted who in this scenario, and who sought to escalate things in this way.

Fans React To Ja Morant Threat Allegations

However, it’s not the first in a string of alleged threats or controversies the young guard is tied to. For example, a close friend allegedly pointed a red dot at a group of Indiana Pacers supporters after a game. Shortly after accusations spread around social media, he quickly denied such claims. “Did a investigation seen they were cappin,” he tweeted. “Still let a article come out to paint this negative image on me & my fam. & banned my brother from home games for a year. Unbelievable.”

Meanwhile, these new revelations about Morant come from previously unpublished interviews concerning the incident. “The teenage boy told police that after Morant punched him, the NBA star emerged from his house with a gun in the waistband of his pants, according to police interviews obtained by The Post that not been previously reported,” reporter Molly Hensley-Clancy of The Washington Post tweeted. Regardless of your take, check out more reactions down below and return to HNHH for updates on Ja Morant.

Morant’s Alleged Actions Prompt Responses