It’s a common occurrence to run into celebrities from all walks of life throughout New York City. This is something one social media user, Queen Nurys, knows all too well. Judging by her viral posts, the woman seeks out well-known names as she treks through the city for photo ops. Most even seem to welcome Nurys with open arms as she records their public encounters. Her recent chance meeting with Wendy Williams, however, didn’t go exactly as she’d planned it to.

In one of Nurys’ latest TikTok clips, Wendy Williams can be seen exiting her SUV in the bustling city. Though the 58-year-old was recently quoted saying she has “the mind and body of a 25-year-old,” this didn’t stop her from demanding assistance getting onto the sidewalk. “I’m going,” the controversial TV host announces, proceeding to point to the ground. “Somebody help me.” While it’s not clear if anyone came to her aide at first, Queen Nury goes on to show her own attempt moments later. The woman extends her phone-less hand to the former radio personality, to which she responds with an icy “Oh no.”

Wendy Williams Blocks Fan’s Attempt To Assist Her

”I tried to help her but she had a nasty attitude like wtf,” Nurys wrote into the clip. The run-in, which has since amassed over 1.7 million views, saw a legion of fans coming to Wendy Williams’ defense. Many made a point that Queen Nury’s gesture seemed insincere, following her trend of finding stars for likes. “The gaslighting is real,” one user began. “Imagine being in a vulnerable state, needing help but the only person with a hand out is ready to tell the world they did a good deed.” Nurys says she was simply a fan of The Wendy Williams Show and was going to ask her for a selfie.

Regardless if the gesture was genuine or not, it was a clear response to Williams’ ongoing health battles. The longtime tea-spiller was documented leaving a rehab facility in October 2022 following her show’s end. Though Wendy Williams struggles with Graves’ Disease, she confirms she’s feeling “better than ever.” Her and publicist Shawn Zanotti have also confirmed future projects in the works, including an upcoming podcast.