Drake likely never thought that the silent tension brewing between himself and XXXTENTACION would ever lead to a deposition. X took many issues with Drake in the years prior to his death. It began with Drake’s “KMT” flow, which X said was stolen from “Look At Me!” However, the tension between them escalated even further beyond that. Unfortunately, it led to numerous allegations that Drake somehow had some involvement in the Broward County rapper’s death, which defense attorneys mentioned on numerous occasions since the trial began.

Dedrick Williams’ attorney, Mauricio Padilla, said that investigators never looked into Drake and X’s beef prior to making arrests. Additionally, he brought up the fact that X’s mother asked his uncle to accompany him when he went shopping for a motorcycle out of fear of the public feuds he had with well-known rappers. During the pre-trial, Padilla mentioned that he wanted Drake on the witness stand to testify in the trial. Shortly after, he filed a motion to have Drake sit down for a deposition, which a judge granted over the weekend. Even after the state’s witness, Robert Allen – the fourth suspect arrested over X’s death – said that he didn’t know Drake, anyone from Toronto, or any parties associated with the Canadian artist.

Judge Grants Drake’s Motion To Dodge Deposition

It looks like Drake won’t have to sit down for a deposition after all. According to TMZ, Judge Michael A. Usan granted Drake’s motion to dodge the deposition. Drizzy’s attorney appeared in court earlier this week where he explained that, not only was the subpoena flawed, but that there isn’t a shred of evidence tying the rapper to X’s death. Though the judge agreed, he stated that he would have to work out a schedule with the defense for a deposition. Judge Usan ultimately backtracked on that ruling and let Drizzy off the hook once the rapper’s lawyer explained that his client had no relevant information to provide.

Now, is there a possibility that Drake might still have to sit down for a deposition? Potentially but that would require some serious work from Padilla, especially since the trial is already underway. For now, it appears that Drake is in the clear and won’t have any involvement in the trial moving forward. We’ll keep you posted if anything changes in the future. Sound off with your thoughts in the comment section below.