Clive Davis Explains Whitney Houston's Love Affair With Robyn Crawford

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Clive Davis & Whitney Houston at the Private House in Los Angeles, California (Photo by Lester Cohen/WireImage)
Robyn was Whitney's assistant and wrote a book about her love affair with the late icon.

As I Wanna Dance with Somebody receives mixed reviews, Clive Davis sheds light on Whitney Houston and her personal life. Davis is responsible for shaping the superstar careers of legendary artists, including Houston. For years, he has teased he would produce his own Houston biopic, and finally, the music executive delivered.

Davis recently sat down with Extra to speak about his close, decades-long friendship with the late star. During the conversation, Houston's rumored, secret romance with Robyn Crawford was mentioned.

“They did have a teenage, one-year affair," Davis confirmed.

Robyn Crawford, left, and American singer Whitney Houston (1963 - 2012), circa 1988. (Photo by Dave Hogan/Getty Images)
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He also mentioned those speculative reports about Houston's personal struggles.

“There have been so many articles that have…attempted to trace her addiction to being a frustrated lesbian," said Davis. "Or never [dating] a man before Bobby, all of which was totally inaccurate.”

“I know of several men that she dated before Bobby,” he added. “I mean, she did see Jermaine Jackson for two years.”

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February 2022 marked 10 years since Houston passed away. Davis recalls their final conversation as Houston was scheduled to perform at his coveted, annual pre-Grammy event.

“My real last conversation with her was 48 hours before she passed away. I was in L.A., we were getting ready… [for] my Grammy party," he said. "I didn't know she was going to surprise me and sing there. We spent the whole afternoon together. She wanted to assure me… and this is hard to express… that she had beaten her addiction. Not only to drugs, but to cigarette smoking. I had no clue that her passing was abruptly to come.”

I Wanna Dance with Somebody hits theaters tomorrow, December 23.


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