Shy Glizzy Feels "Underrated" On New Single

The D.C. native is bringing fans a pretty spacey vibe on this new trap cut.

BYGabriel Bras Nevares

Shy Glizzy is one of D.C.'s most catalog-heavy rappers at the moment, with last year's Don't Feed The Sharks tape boasting 18 bangers. He's been at it for a decade now. However, maybe this might be the first you've heard of this rapper from the capital, which makes him feel... well, "Underrated." He's just dropped this airy and chilled-out single with an accompanying music video as well.

BEVERLY HILLS, CA - JUNE 21: Shy Glizzy attends the 31st Annual ASCAP Rhythm & Soul Music Awards at the Beverly Wilshire Four Seasons Hotel on June 21, 2018 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images for ASCAP)

While Shy hasn't dropped a full-length since Sharks, he's dropped a lot of features or singles with featured guests. Most notably, he teamed up with EST Gee for "Borderline" back in May, which was a great show of chemistry between the two. As such, it's a bit disappointing but also refreshing to hear Shy Glizzy float solo. His collab have been great, but he takes full advantage of the spotlight on "Underrated."

Production-wise, the new single is another addition to spacey and woozy trap, with very simple but atmospheric synths. Some minimal pianos pop up here and there, too, but they barely make a dent through the cloud of echo and reverb on the song. It's pretty one-note throughout, but there's not much more you could do to the beat to make it more dreamy than it is. Again, the spotlight's on Glizzy.

Along those lines, the DMV native's voice absolutely dominates "Underrated." His nasal voice, while it can take some getting used to, has a lot of personality on the song. It might remind listeners of some very early Thugger tracks, maybe with a little more melodic emphasis. Despite that lineage, and contrasting with many other contemporary MCs, his voice really doesn't need too much autotune. At least, if there is, it's not that notable, as his vocal tone cuts clearly through the mix.

Meanwhile, the 29-year-old focuses his pen on his less-than-humongous profile in the rap game. However, he doesn't let that get to him. "She said 'You underrated,' that's okay, I'm a money-maker," he sings on the chorus. Moreover, there are a lot of other material flexes on the song that indicate he doesn't really care about the reception. It's his hustle, his career, and he's confident in the success he's had.

What's more is that he emphasizes his determination and relationship to others in the rap game on "Underrated." It's not about numbers or prestige, as much as that can influence an artist, yet Shy still has plenty of success to show for. His Glizzy Gang entourage has been going strong and are putting on for their city on songs like "Ridiculous." Also, this is apparently one of his favorite songs from his upcoming album, so if you rock with it, there's more heat to come.

You can check out "Underrated" on your preferred streaming service. Also, peep Shy Glizzy's latest music video and some quotable lyrics from the single below.

Quotable Lyrics

F**k this agency, they trying to get me for loitering
I try to save the b***h, 'til I find out she a naughty freak
I'm on that Fashion Week, with a b***h lookin' like Bella Hadid,
Keep dropping' them 180-more, f**k you know about honesty?

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