Fela Kuti

Wyclef Jean brings us a new track "Fela Kuti" in anticipation for his upcoming album.

BYQ. K. W.

The Fugees' artist brings us a movement inducing track in preparation for Carnival III. The new track is an ode to influential Nigerian musician Fela Kuti who was a huge part of 1970's Afrobeat and Jazz music. Carnival III is set to drop September 15th and Wyclef is expected to promote throughout the summer, so expect some more music from him. 

“I decided to name it Fela Kuti because for me, I feel like we be thinking of [Bob] Marley, we give a lot of people from our past props, so when the kids hear Fela Kuti, I really want them to Google it,” Jean told XXL. “Fela Kuti studied jazz in England. Wyclef studied jazz at Vailsburg High School. Fela Kuti then went back to his country and tried to help his country by running for president.  He understood the strongest way to help politically was to make sure the music was bangin.’ I want kids to know who Fela is and what he means.”

Quotable Lyrics

The voodoo is workin' on me
Dance like Fela Kuti
Mama say ma coosa Energy

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