My Drink

Frap Boyz’ B. Cliff shares a solo track produced by TROY.

BYTrevor Smith
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Montreal's Frap Boyz have recently been focusing on their respective solo careers, but they haven't stopped collaborating. On B. Cliff's new record "My Drink," the pummelling instrumental comes courtesy of fellow Frap Boy TROY (Formerly Young Troy). A piercing siren means the song sits comfortably beside recent hits from Atlanta rap's venture into the dark and gloomy, but keeps a melodic, R&B-leaning vocal delivery that places it firmly alongside the music coming from Toronto and Montreal. It's an ode to lean, as Cliff calls for someone to spike his Sprite on the barrelling hook.

Cliff and TROY linked up for the collaborative single "Nobody" last summer. Before that, they gave us the hardened, but deceptively catchy "Bands."

Quotable Lyrics:
I need my shit right now
Get me some ice
'Cause I got my shit right now
Bring me some ice
Somebody spike my Sprite right now

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