Jimmy Prime is back with new track “Humana.”

BYKristen Bromiley
Humanablur mask

The original 6ix God Jimmy Prime is back with a new track, "Humana" featuring Donnie and Smoke Dawg. Murda Beatz places various filters on his harp vamp, then punches threw with a knockout bass drum and panned 808s. The vocal perforamces by Prime, Donnie, and Smoke Dawg are nearly as dynamic as the beat... this track makes you want to turn up.

Listen to "Humana" on SoundCloud and check out the official music video, which Prime called a "snapshot of our life right now," below.

Quotable Lyrics

I'm gonna take no disrespect
I'm gonna go run up a check
I'm gonna go straight for the neck
She know I got stamina ya
She gon fuck on camera ya

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