In an R&B landscape that’s becoming more and more rap-influenced, Jacquees comes off as something of a traditionalist. Even he can break into some Young Thug-esque rhythms when he wants to, but for the most part, he belts his lyrics in a confident baritone that recalls the early work of Usher or Trey Songz. He especially excels in the art of the slow jam, and his latest track “Eastside” finds him in comfortable territory, detailing a late-night journey to a lover’s home. 

This follows “Outta Line,” his collaboration with Tink, another unique and exciting new voice in R&B.

Quotable Lyrics:
On the east side throwing peace signs
Swerving lane to lane in ‘Quees ride
Say my name again, make you scream twice
And that nine stay on me, make your man think twice