Rising producer-rapper Mathaius Young introduced us to his heavy, industrial-leaning sound on his Pilot mixtape earlier this year, and has since linked up with like-minded experimentalists Ibn Inglor and Sonny Digital on recent one-offs. Today, he’s combining his meticulous style with the spontaneous energy of Lil West, who supplies a slippery auto-tuned hook that sets Mathaius up for his barreling, zig-zagging verses. Meanwhile, twinkling synths brush up against punishing bass grooves, and ghostly vocal samples faintly reveal themselves underneath the interlocking layers of sounds.

Mathaius is currently working on a full length project. Until that arrives, you can listen to his most recent EP, Pilot, here.

Quotable Lyrics:
Once they get me started, n*gga, I won’t ever end
Had to kick that door down
‘Cause bitch, they ain’t gonna let me in
Been above the rim, go catch me on ESPN