Chinese streetwear brand CLOT has consistently created some interesting collaborations. The most recent is a small, two-item capsule collection created with Ian Connor. Despite dogged rape accusations, Ian Connor has managed to stay relatively relevant in the fashion world and create collaborations like this one.

CLOT and Ian Connor have labeled this capsule BRICK CAMO to describe the color blocked camo that’s used all over both the jacket and the T-Shirt. Both pieces are made in Japan, and each camo section is separately stitched onto the pieces. The barrage of colors is meant to coincide with CLOT’s Spring/Summer campaign, which is called “New Age Ethnic.”

If that name gives you pause, here’s what CLOT’s founder and creative director Edison Chen had to say about it: “New Age Ethnic is the world we live in now, all kinds of people and all colors of skin all in a melting pot. Personally I am influenced by Western culture, but I identify myself as an Asian. These two merging together have created my diverse mindset. We all share one world, one sun and one internet; boundaries are a thing of the past.”

The collection is hitting CLOT retailers now.


Check Out Ian Connor’s New Capsule Collection With CLOT