Just A Lil Thick

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The trio of Trinidad James, Mystikal, and Lil Dicky unleash a delightful ode to all the big girls out there: "Just a Lil Thick," produced by DJ Mustard.

Props to whoever envisioned this ridiculous collaboration: Trinidad James, Mystikal, and Lil Dicky. Yup, all three of those guys have come together for a BBW tribute atop a DJ Mustard beat. It's as hilarious as it sounds, but "Just a Lil Thick" also happens to be a serious club jam.

Mustard makes a classical piano loop sound playfully snappy with some simple 808s, and James sets the scene by shouting out all the girls in the "175 and up club." Each rapper goes on to profess his own candid affinities for women of the thicker variety, and Mystikal, as he's always done, manages to provide vigor to the entire track with his brilliant ad-libbing. 

She ain't fat, bruh. 

Quotable Lyrics

She just had a baby and she gained a lil' weight
Bye-bye size six, seven, and eight 
Hopin' her small ass and lil' titties is out the gate
Seein' her later on, and she know I'm bringin' a plate

- Mystikal

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