1MT (One Man Terra) hails from Staten Island but he calls on a couple from the West Coast old guard to give him a hand on his latest track “Kill Or B Killed.” Spice 1 from Oakland released his first album in 1991 and MC Eiht from Compton has been spitting since y’all were in Huggies and had a pretty nasty verse on Kendrick Lamar’s “m.A.A.d. city.”

Ear2TheBeat provides an epic beat that sounds like something Jedi Mind Tricks or Army of the Pharoahs would rap over. If you are craving some more of this rap subgenre, JMT’s first album in four years The Thief and the Fallen is set to be released on June 2.

Quotable Lyrics

My desert eagle is deadly, my risk is frozen
Certified by the RIAA, platinum and golden
Been doing this shit since the 90s you niggas stay behind me
And when this verse is over, Nigga rewind me