Russ is one of those rappers who puts out consistently quality material but doesn’t even seem to try to market himself beyond posting his stuff on social media, and therefore doesn’t get the shine he deserves. On Thursday he dropped yet another quality cut, his self-produced loose single “Bugatti Stranger.”

Gotta respect anyone rapper who produces his own beats. Here Russ samples some wistful piano and reminisces about whipping around Gwinnett County, GA with his girl until he went and cheated on her. The grass, always greener…

As evidence of his lack of business acumen, his entire catalog is available for free.99 over his website, scope that ASAP.

Quotable Lyrics

Turnt up, dabbling with new bodies,
I was tryna vroom vroom vroom like a bugatti
So she moved on, I can’t blame her
It’s definitely my fault she’s a stranger