Bad Lucc is definitely one to watch in 2015. We’ve known him as Problem’s right-hand man in the past. They’re both a part of Diamond Lane Music Group, and they have a joint album, Diamond Lane America, coming later this year. With cuts like “Fuck It Off” though, Lucc is proving he can own the mic all on his own (and a little help from former Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker). 

Travis Barker is making a newfound career on rap records, recently working with Rich the Kid, Yelawolf, and Run the Jewels. His stamp is all over “Fuck It Off”, with frenetic drumwork that makes Lucc’s bars all the more menacing. Travis drums over a minimal beat that’s mixed with DJ scratches galore, and the result is an old-school track that feels 100 percent L.A. The beat, by the way, is produced by Problem. Who knew he was such a dope producer?

Do you fuck with Lucc? 

Quotable Lyrics

We movin’ up the ladder, naturally you come down
Some niggas couldn’t handle it, and started shooting at the mound
Knowin’ Prob’s pitching no-hitters with hits, ain’t that crazy?
You should be there clapping, not sittin’ there all shady