This mysterious cut has been circulating the internet today. The leak was uploaded to rapper Sway Burr’s Soundcloud, although according to the credits he’s just a featured artist. It doesn’t sound finished, and for all we know it isn’t, but we know how you guys fiend for Rocky. The cut features a short opening verse from Rocky, a chopped up a hook and a closing verse from Rich Homie (with Sway Burr in the middle). The H-town vibes are definitely present, but no producer has been credited. 

Could this be an early, unfinished album leak? Or a random verse Sway Burr got his hands and liberated? Time will tell. 

[via The Boombox]

Quotable Lyrics

That’s Santa Claus, big body
That Phantom Rolls, too hot
Nigga fan them off, Tupac
Bandana on, bandana off
Stand on my two feet and use my penis as my third leg

– Rocky