When Netflix triumphantly announced that Dave Chappelle had signed on to premiere three comedy specials on the streaming service, people were elated (including this writer). The fact that he signed for $60 million, more than the money he left on the table when he parted ways with Comedy Central, was icing on the cake for Dave (and fans). Netflix has just teased a two part special via a short video, and the release date is coming up – March 21.

We see Dave outside smoking a cigarette, lost in thought, while audio from the upcoming specials plays in the background. According to Entertainment Weekly, one of the specials is called The Age of Spin and was filmed in March of 2016 at the Palladium Theater, while the other is called Deep in the Heart of Texas and was filmed during an April 2015 appearance at Austin City Limits Live at Austin’s Moody Theater.

With two specials premiering this month, that leaves one more on Chappelle’s contract with Netflix. Hopefully it’s some new material, because he has plenty to talk about.