HNHH Premiere: Lupe Fiasco delivers the new single from “Tetsuo & Youth”, titled “Deliver”.

BYTrevor Smith
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Lupe Fiasco's Tetsuo & Youth has been in limbo for some time, but just a few weeks back, Atlantic gave the album the green light. With a new release date of January 20th, Fiasco has gone full speed ahead with the rollout, providing a brand new single today.

HNHH is happy to premiere "Deliver", a song that should satisfy Lupe's core fanbase. The uncompromising record is built off of a surging synth line, which the Chicago rapper weaves in and out of, before a soulful refrain (with some possible help from Ty Dolla $ign) ties it all together. The political record looks at the conditions of Fiasco's city, using the clever and potent concept of a pizzaman who dares not enter the area.

Look out for the album in January. "Deliver" can be purchased on iTunes now.

Quotable Lyrics:

White folks act like
They ain't show us how to traffic
All the dope to China
You don't call that trappin'?
Breaking Bad, learned that from a TV
So don't say it's politics when you see me

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