Ab-Soul Explains Why He Dissed Jay Electronica On His “DWTW” Album

Ab-Soul recalls being bothered by Electronica’s remarks about Kendrick Lamar.

BYTrevor Smith
Ab-Soul Explains Why He Dissed Jay Electronica On His “DWTW” Album

Ab-Soul doesn't take long to get conversation going on his new DWTW album, breaking into some criticisms of Jay Electronica on the project's opening track, "RAW (Backwards)."

I was like a swami of Jay Electronica until he
Figured Dizzle wouldn't admit that he would body him for a milli
I told Kenny keep quiet, I'ma get him
We don't need dirt on your hands getting the key to the city ya feel me
Hurts when your OG, who is supposed to be a G-O-D
Is standing next to King Kunta feeling like Toby
Moos what I gotta do boy?
I'm just waiting on your cue to take him to ScHoolboy!

The bars more or less speak for themselves, standing as a defense of Kendrick Lamar, Soulo's friend and collaborator, who was dissed by Jay Electronica last year. However, in a interview with Complex, Soul did offer some insight into what was going through his mind when he decided to write the bars, which came after Jay's diss, but before his apology.

"You figure I'm a rapper's rapper. Jay Electronica, he made some remarks that bother me a lot," said Soul. "I told Kendrick immediately. He was about to go up and get his Grammys, it was a big time for us all. For him to come out and do that at that time, it really rubbed me the wrong way, so I spoke on it immediately. He put out a public apology as well. He knows why I said what he said. I said what I said the same reason why he said what he said."

All in all, Soul doesn't hold particular resentment against Jay Elec, but boils it down to rap's battle nature. "That's one of the black Gods and it's still peace, but you know what we came to do, you know who they came to see," he said, breaking into a quote from Loaded Lux's battle with Hollow Da Don.

Watch the interview below.


Ab-Soul Explains Why He Dissed Jay Electronica On His "DWTW" Album
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