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Kirk Knight and Dyemond Lewis connect on "Extortion".

As we saw Tree do earlier this year with The @MCTREEG EP (still one of 2014's best releases so far), Kirk Knight is linking up with SCion AV for his new project, The Shift.

His newest release from the project is self-produced, and features contributions from Dyemond Lewis. 

The EP is due out May 27th, and will be available for free. Unfortunately, like this track, it will be first released as a censored version, but chances are Kirk will let the un-edited version go a little later.

The last we heard from Kirk was his track, "Pussy Facx", which was released earlier this year as a part of Pro Era Week.

Quotable Lyrics:
We are perfect entities
Before you steal my identity
Then the end of me
Behind these lines
I'm trapped in my mind, forever be

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