Tupac's "2Pacalypse Now" Released On Vinyl For The First Time

2Pac's 1991 debut album has been pressed on vinyl for the first time.

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Yesterday (Nov. 13) was the 25th anniversary of 2Pac's debut album, 2Pacalypse Now, and the day before, the album was made available on vinyl for the first time. Though 2Pacalypse Now is the lowest selling of the albums put out by Pac during his all-too-brief career, it is now regarded as some of his best work. He went from a roadie, backup dancer, and occasional emcee for the alternative hip-hop group Digital Underground to a street poet with a firm command of his own voice, and a fearlessness that couldn't be ignored. 2Pacalypse Now provided an unflinching look into the daily realities of a young black man living in poverty. The 13-track album contains songs like "Trapped," "If My Homies Calls," and "Brenda's Got a Baby," the latter which is widely considered to be one of the greatest hip-hop tracks ever. 

A new cassette version of 2Pacalypse Now is also available for purchase. Here's some information on the reissues of the classic album, courtesy of Respect The Classics. 

“To celebrate its 25th anniversary, Respect The Classics is re-releasing the album on vinyl and cassette on November 11, 2016. The 25th Anniversary edition of 2Pacalypse Now will be packaged as a double LP gatefold and pressed on 180-gram vinyl at renowned record plant, RTI. The cassette version will include the original booklet from 1992 featuring the original photos and artwork covering the inner city poet’s rise.”

One can purchase the vinyl as part of a handful of different bundles that come with 2Pacalypse Now-inspired apparel and other merchandise. Head here to purchase a piece of hip-hop history. 



Tupac's "2Pacalypse Now" Released On Vinyl For The First Time
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