Apparently there aren't that many people looking for a 21-bedroom, 9-kitchen, 25-bath home in Connecticut, at least all to themselves. 50 Cent's impressive mansion has been on the market for close to a decade with no bites, but today, news arrives that it's finally sold.

According to TMZ, the home has been sold for $8 million, which is less than half of Fif's original $18.5 million asking price -- and the craziest part is, it could be an old folks home. 

The buyer is said to be planning to convert the gigantic space into a luxurious retirement home, and as long as the town approves, plans should go ahead.

You can take a tour through the premises in the video below. We're thinking they may have to cover up that G-Unit mural, but hopefully the recording studio could still get some use.