50 Cent is fast becoming better known for his exploits in the world of television than his performances on rap records. His STARZ series Power trailed only Game of Thrones as the most-watched premium cable show on the airwaves, while his new venture with BET, 50 Central, has sparked another round of feuding with his longtime nemesis, Irv Gotti. However, during a recent interview for the upcoming film Geostorm, a respected Hollywood leading man expressed some interest in potentially joining the cast of Power, and guess what - 50 is on board, so long as he has enough cash.


Gerard Butler, best known to movie fans as the guy who kicked that other guy down that crazy-long hole in the ground in that great scene from 300, was asked about working with 50 Cent on an upcoming film project and, according to him, the experience was second to none. "He's a great guy," said Butler. "He did me a couple of favors on that movie, it was so incredible," he added, referring to the rapper's generosity in taking the time out to call kids whose birthday it was and even inviting other hip-hop artists to hop on the call as well. Butler continued by saying that he's never experience that kind of gesture, no questions asked, on a movie set before. When asked if he'd be willing to join the cast of Power, Butler didn't say no, but also implied that he wasn't going to make it easy for Fif. "I need to be wined and dined baby!" he exclaimed.

Reposting the video clip to his Instagram profile, 50 Cent made sure he let Butler know that the feeling is mutual insofar as his inclusion on a future episode of Power, be it next season or beyond that. "I'm trying to wait till I got enough money to get @GerardButler on POWER," he said. "Now let me see how I can do this s**t." While Butler would be an interesting casting choice, unless a deal is worked out, the actor's salary might be too rich for Power's blood. Only time will tell if this collaboration ever becomes a reality.