It always seems that 50 Cent is living his best life to the fullest no matter the obstacle, and just a few years after getting sued by a woman in which a settlement sum preceded him having to file a chapter 7 bankruptcy, 50 Cent has no problems kicking it with her.

Saturday night, the mogul and de facto Instagram comedian was posted up with a few ladies and one of them happened to be Rick Ross’s baby mama Lastonia Leviston—not to be confused with Rick Ros’s other baby mama Tia Kemp who previously had a relationship with 50 Cent.

Leviston’s role is actually an interesting one. She is the same woman who sued Fif back in 2015 for leaking her sex tape on his website. At the suit’s conclusion, 50 was ordered to pay Leviston $7 million in damages for posting the tape without her permission. The rapper argued that he shouldn’t have been held liable since he acquired the tape from Leviston’s ex-boyfriend, who was also in the video.

In a new post on Instagram this weekend, 50 wrote, “You know they all love me, like a fat kid love cake. Come kiss me." In a separate clip, the duo was seen taking shots with a group of other individuals with a caption that read, “All Love.”

Well, it looks like the two have let bygones be bygones, and with that beef with Rick Ross on the backburner (for now), there’s nothing that signals any other intentions besides burying the hatchet. But, this is 50 Cent we’re talking about.