50 Cent has been poking fun at boxing champion Floyd Mayweather over the course of the last week, claiming that Mayweather is unable to read and challenging him to a read off. The taunting continued for a few days on Fif's Instagram page. Although Mayweather did respond by posting two photos of enormous checks he received, with the caption "read this", the damage was already done as The Breakfast Club unearthed audio footage of Mayweather struggling to read his drops.

Now that G-Unit have released a surprise EP, The Beauty Of Independence, both the Unit and Fif have been doing interviews. While 50 was talking to Angie Martinez, he spoke on the light beef with Floyd, and compares what he said to being a comedian, saying a comedian would easily get away with it. Fif also admits that Floyd could read, later adding he could read just "a little bit."

"He could read," Fif said. "I don't wanna hurt him Ang, but he do things that agitate me. He do things that aggravate me. I look at him like my younger brother, but he'll pick at you like you ain't bigger than me."

The rapper also explained the root of the problem, "He went and did an interview with these people and put me, T.I. and Nelly [as washed up rappers]. Are you serious? I know so much that you should never play with me. There's so many things I could do to him and just talk about that people would look at him completely different after that, that he shouldn't do that."

Nonetheless, he referred to the beef as "light, real light."

In another interview with his G-Unit compadres, 50 spoke on reuniting with them and why it happened when it did.

"The timing surrounding me, actually having my independence at the same time, moving away from Interscope, I look around and say if there's a time to do it, it would be now, timing-wise," 50 explained to MTV News. "It's still like my younger brothers, they don't have to make excuses for they actions. Just look at it and go, yup that's what happened." 

The low-key Lloyd Banks also shared a few words on getting back together and shying away from the beef aspect. "I always felt like we would be back together and doing music. That was the most important part to me,” Banks told us. “All the other things that helped break shit up, I didn’t participate in," he said.

G-Unit also appeared on Shade 45 for an in-depth, hour-long interview with Rob Markman. Get your G-Unit interview fix below.