50 Cent recently celebrated the tenth anniversary of Get Rich Or Die Tryin', and is getting ready to drop his much-delayed new album Street King Immortal, to which he dropped the new single "We Up" just last week. While he has a lot going on musically, 50 discussed a couple of the other things including the proposed G-Unit reunion, and the cancelled "Starter Wives" reality show in a recent interview.

When asked about his stance on a G-Unit reunion, Fif responded with complete silence. He later commented that he can not see the reunion happening, as he doesn't even know what the issues are that are stopping it. "When you don't know what causes a problem, then how do you resolve the situation?" He compared the situation to someone on the street giving you a dirty look for no reason. "They just look at you and don't like you", saying that he couldn't act on squashing beef without "understanding of the motivation". 50 said that he'd rather avoid the drama than delve into it, saying "I just stay away from those people."

On his recent signing of Jersy Shore's DJ Pauly D, 50 talked about cashing in on the recent EDM craze. "On an international level, the DJ is the star" said Fif, revealing that after the signing, Pauly D's "numbers have doubled themselves". Curtis said that he will appear on the album  and it can be expected to sound like "a cross between Dj Khaled... [and] a David Guetta record."

The Queens rapper also talked a bit about his on and off beef with Fat Joe. 50 performed with Joe at a tribute to music exec Chris Lighty. On whether he would collaborate with Joe in the future, Fif said "maybe at some point."

He then went on to talk about rap beef more generally, saying the genre is more competitive than other musical styles. "We compete more blatantly" said Fif. "The success I've had in my early stages of my career makes people think I'm the guy to target", saying rappers are quicker to take shots "when you've got a tougher aura around you". "I'm the person to attack", 50 said of his twitter account, because we all know Fif is never the one to initiate beef on social media.

Finally, the G-Unit leader commented on the speculation around him getting the reality show "Starter Wives" cancelled. The show featured ex-wives and girlfriends of athletes like Lamar Odom and Floyd Mayweather revealing intimate details of their personal lives. 50's ex-girlfriend, Shanequa Tompkins was also meant to be a part of the show, but an agreement she had with the rapper forbid her from participating in the show. While Curtis did not reveal any details on how it was accomplished, he was very up front about his actions, saying, "I actually got the show cancelled".

View the full interview, as well as his tweets that also confirm his involvement in the cancellation below.