For decades, there has been a belief that white people are incapable of getting down on the dance floor. While there may not be enough visual evidence to officially refute the longstanding myth, 50 Cent is doing his part to bring awareness to the white folks that can get on just fine to some music. After all, he spent years working with Eminem, the most prominent white rapper of our time. Unfortunately, 50 didn't share a video of Em getting jiggy to one of their many collaborations. Instead, he opted to repost a viral clip of a young boy living large and doing BlocBoy JB's "Shoot" dance by the water.

Never one to miss an opportunity to be part of whatever is popping off on Instagram, Fiddy uploaded a video of a kid hitting some of the most popular dances today, declaring that maybe white people can dance, after all. Also shared by 21 Savage, Fif posted the clip with the caption, "yeah all that white people cant dance shit is over.👀fuck it up,LOL." As he always does, he signed off with his beloved "get the strap" saying.

As the kid lives his life to the fullest by dancing along to 21 Savage's "Bank Account," 50 Cent has been trolling on a regular basis, saying he's 6ix9ine's real father and unexpectedly throwing shots at DJ Clue. While this video may not entirely disprove the myth, it goes without saying that this kid has serious moves.