50 Cent has been a busy guy forever. The rapper/entrepreneur has always had his eyes on the bag and since stepping into the rap game in the early 2000's, he has created his own empire. While he may not release music at the rate that he did in the past, the rapper's been busy with his other ventures. Between Vitamin Water, Effen Vodka and his TV show, Power, the rapper has been putting his time and energy into his entrepreneurial efforts. While Power's been doing well, he's gearing up to debut his sketch comedy series on BET. Today, he paid a visit to The View where he discussed his upcoming show as well as giving fans a little glimpse of some upcoming music. 

On today's episode of The View, 50 Cent popped by for a quick interview to promote his upcoming show, "50 Central." While walking out onto the set, you could hear a brief snippet of some new 50 Cent music. The rapper has previously stated that he's been working on new music. It definitely has a much more trap influence to it. While it's a little difficult to make out what he is saying on the track, on the hook you could hear him say "10 million, 20 million, 30 million, that bag comin'". Hopefully we get to hear this song surface sooner than later.

Aside from the brief clip of upcoming music, he brought a preview of "50 Central" which is slated to premiere this fall on BET. The clip features him and comedian, Tiffany Hadish. The two are seen at a restaurant table where Tiffany Hadish gives 50 Cent clues of famous people for him to guess their names. While she gives clues of Will Smith and Oprah, she ends up trying to hint at herself which 50 doesn't end up getting. It's a pretty humorous clip for anyone that's been anticipating the upcoming show.

50 Cent also took to the show to talk about Donald Trump's recent comments about NFL players. While 50's comedic side is never shy to come out, he joked with the hosts saying, "If I think If I was the president by accident, I would be doing things like that." he continued, "it's like there's nobody there to help, like who's helping him?"

You could watch the full interview here: