Those following the implosion of Hollywood culture in the wake of #MeToo movement are no doubt aware of Terry Crews' sexual assault at the hands of Hollywood agent Adam Venit. After Venit grabbed Terry's crotch at a party, the endearing actor worried that coming forward about the violation would ultimately have negative repercussions on his career. Suffice it to say, the public threw themselves behind Terry in support, and Crews even found himself featured in Time Magazine's "Silence Breakers" issue. 

While the incident no doubt left Crews emotionally rattled, it would appear that 50 Cent has set his sights on the Brooklyn Nine Nine star. Taking to Instagram, Fif posted a meme of Terry Crews, rose firmly planted in mouth. "What the fuck is going on out here man? Terry: l froze in fear," writes 50, reflecting on Crews' moment of stunned indecision. "They would have had to take me to jail," he adds, alluding to the consequences he'd bestow upon any would-be groper. 

Though 50 Cent is notoriously cold-blooded, he's no dummy. Surely he must understand that ridiculing sexual assault victims is a slippery slope, especially in today's climate. As the #MeToo movement's most prominent male victim, Crews has spoken at lengths about the traumatic effects of his experience. Evidently, 50 remained unmoved by his plight. No matter the particulars, 50's advice remains the same: get the strap. Though given Terry's status as one of Hollywood's most swoll, one has to wonder is 50 is truly looking for that smoke.